For many, the office is a second home. Why would you spend so much time making your house a place you want to be but neglect your workspace? This fall, outfit your office with gear that makes you happy and more productive. We’ve compiled some of our favorite office items so you can get started ASAP.


Grovemade Measure Collection

Most desk accessories are crafted with only function in mind. Sometimes this gives the gear you use at work a sort of utilitarian cool, but more often it leads to bland, unattractive items you need to use on the daily. Grovemade goes in another direction, valuing style as much as functionality. Case in point, the Measure Collection, which includes a ruler, protractor, and triangle. These aren’t the tools you used back in art class.



Your desk is a place to show off your personality at the office. Why put up a picture of your loved ones and call it a day? Have some fun with it. The Levimoon is exactly the kind of display piece we’re talking about. The floating orb demands attention and helps relax you as you plug away


You’ll Think of Something Flag

When it comes to inspiration, please don’t look to the hanging cat that’s adorned the walls of offices for decades. Go with something a little more attractive and a lot less tired. This flag from Oxford Pennant fits the bill. When your creative juices aren’t pumping, just take a look and remember that you’ve got it all under control.


Jack Mason Racing Chronograph

[Partner] Jack Mason watches have always had a sporty aesthetic. The Reformulated Racing Collection takes that to a whole new level with inspiration from both interior and exterior elements of mid-century sports cars. With features like perforated leather bands and a tachymeter concave ring, strapping on one of these Racing Chronographs is like wearing a compact and stylish gauge cluster on your wrist. Whether it’s for the morning commute or a road trip, the entire collection blends vintage style with modern detailing in a way that fittingly pays tribute to both time and speed.


Inventery Leather Pen Pouch

We put a lot of thought into the writing instruments we use. A finely crafted, beautiful pen makes working a lot more enjoyable. When it comes to storing those precious tools, consider this new Leather Pen Pouch from Inventery. The slim, attractive case holds two pens and a high density plastic zipper means they won’t get scratched by the case trying to protect them.


Desk Knife

A knife comes in handy at work far more often than you’d imagine. But this isn’t the time for that fixed blade that can clear a campsite. The Desk Knife is a refined cutting instrument that’s inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife. It offers a sleek, work-appropriate profile and a sharp edge that will make quick work of packages and random tasks.


Pioneer Toy Car

Your desktop is the place you can be a little playful, and what’s more playful than a toy car? Not a Matchbox or Hot Wheels, mind you, but rather something as stunning as the Pioneer, a solid beech wood car that looks ready for adventure. In fact, the removable canoe atop the wooden ride might just remind you that the weekend is on the way when you need it most.


Anglepoise Mini Mini Desk Lamp

The Anglepoise lamp is one of the most iconic lighting fixtures ever created. They are pricey and somewhat unnecessary for the average worker, however. That’s why Anglepoise created this Mini Mini version of its well-known lamp. Perfect for an office desk, the lamp is powered by USB and has a dimmable integrated LED. Best of all, it looks just like the legendary lamp of the ‘70s.


Stelton Wall Clock

With computers and smartphones, the need for a wall clock has greatly diminished. If you approach it as a piece art, however, you can find quite a few options that bring an element of style to your workspace. Case in point, this clock from Stelton. Minimal is an apt description, as the clock is little more than a circle with a pair of hands. Perfect for any modern office.


Soma Coffee and Tea Brew Bottle

We’re fueled by coffee. Plugging away at the computer without a cup is a recipe for sloppy work. That’s why we’re digging the new Soma Brew Bottle, which lets you make a bottle of coffee or tea right at your desk. The double wall design means it won’t get too hot to handle, while a leak proof lid protects your keyboard and other desktop accessories.


Wooden Tape Dispenser

Ditch the plastic dispenser that came with the roll of Scotch you use at the office and get something a bit more attractive and inviting. This Wooden Tape Dispenser fits on any desk that leans more heritage than modern. Each is handmade in Japan from sustainably harvested oak and adds a small dose of warmth to the place where you do business.


Corona Globes

A fine globe gives a regal air to any office space. If you want that charm without the stuffiness, consider a Corona Globe, which adds a dose of stylish design into the mix. Handcrafted in Japan out of recycled paper, each globe is devoid of color and information, making each a piece of minimal art. Choose from two different sizes to find the one that fits your workspace.


Matchpoint Candle

We’re firmly of the belief that the setting dictates the kind of work you do. Have a messy desk with papers strewn about? Probably aren’t churning out gold. To set a calm, inviting mood, consider a candle for your office. The Matchpoint candle will remind you of summer whenever you light it, sparking your senses and getting you going. That’s because the candle is designed to give off notes of cut grass, cucumber, and, believe it or not, brand new tennis balls.


Tower Notes Block Set

Sticky notes are an office worker’s best friend. From adding events to your physical calendar to warning would-be thieves that it’s your Chinese leftovers they are eyeing, adhesive notes come in quite handy around the office. Just make sure they’re not an eyesore while they rest on your desk by grabbing this Tower Notes block set, which transforms the do-everything pad into a piece of art.


Orbiter LT Black

Creative blocks seem to happen when you can least afford them. We can’t speak for every worker, but we’ve found that taking our eyes of the screen and fidgeting with something while we think helps get those juices flowing again. That’s why we like the Orbiter, a clever desktop toy you twirl around your pinched fingers. Play with one for a bit while trying to think of ideas and we promise you’ll be back on track in a jiffy.

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