It’s time to ditch the poorly constructed, pocketless black hole you call a gym bag and upgrade. You’re no longer relegated to cheap, mass-produced bags that rip at the site of a locker’s frame and organize your gear about as well as your kitchen’s junk drawer. Today, there are better options. Here are 6 Better Gym Bags for you to consider before your next workout:


Aer Gym Duffel

Aer is a relatively new company with an eye for detail. The look. The features. The quality. Their Gym Duffel gets it all right. Composed of 1680D ballistic nylon, the bag is as rugged as it is stylish. A ventilated mesh compartment and a ventilated mesh shoe space allow you to air out your sweaty gear. Multiple internal pockets make keys, phone, and wallet storage and access a breeze. A separate compartment for clean clothes keep them free of funk. It also looks damn good. What more could you ask for?


Datsusara Gear Bag Mini

Datsusara is a brand prized in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community because their bags are made of hemp, which is naturally antimicrobial, so practitioners can toss their sweaty gi and gear in one after class and not worry about anything picked up on the mats. That means it works equally as well for anything you picked up on a piece of equipment that wasn’t wiped down. Their brand new Gear Bag Mini is as durable as its larger brethren and offers just enough space and pockets for your gym essentials.


Chrome Small Duffle Bag

Chrome makes bags for the urban bike commuter, the guy who works up a sweat just getting around. Clearly, then, the bags need to be durable and easy to transport, which means they’re also ideal for carrying to the gym. Their Small Duffle Bag is exactly what you want in a gym bag—something tough as nails with just enough storage. The bag, which Chrome guarantees for life, features a padded shoulder strap, stainless steel hardware, and an internal TPU tarpaulin lining for protection from the elements. If you happen to ride your bike to the gym, even better.


DSPTCH Gym/Work Pack

For those who prefer the convenience and style of a backpack, DSPTCH makes a bag that can go from office to gym and back. The Gym/Work pack features a laptop compartment and plenty of space for office work, and it keeps your gym gear separated by including a ventilated shoe compartment and an exterior pocket with a Fidlock closure. Inside you’ll find moisture-resistant nylon and ventilated panels so your office necessities don’t pick up a funk.



This duffel doesn’t offer the bells and whistles that some of the others do, but it does offer affordable durability. For under twenty-five bucks, you’re getting a simple duffel that’s built with ripstop nylon, that has a ventilated shoe compartment, and that can be crumpled up and stored easily when not in use. WEWEON will even give you a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied. That’s pretty impressive for a bag that costs less than a round of drinks.


DEFY Ultimate Overnighter

You want durability? You want a bag that will last you a lifetime of gym visits? You want something that looks badass? You probably want the Ultimate Overnighter from DEFY, a duffel built from 22 oz. M35 military vinyl/canvas truck tarpaulin. Look, if the material is good enough for protecting military vehicles, you can rest assured it can handle your workout sneakers, water bottle, towel, and other gym necessities. On the inside you’ll find durable, lightweight, and easy to clean military grade parachute ripstop material to further enhance the quality of this ultimate duffel. Handmade in the USA and ready for anything you throw at it.


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