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7 Better Dog Leashes

7 Better Dog Leashes

If your dog doesn’t live a better, healthier, and more pampered life than you, you’re dogging wrong. Period. Our dogs play harder than we do, eat better than we do, rest more than we do, and have the kind of quality of life we imagine Egyptian Pharaohs would likely have consider extravagant. Why? Because they’re good boys. In fact, they’re the damn goodest. And you know what the best boys (and girls) deserve? The best leashes. Here are some of our favorite leashes out there.

Tanner Goods Convertible Canine Lead

The reason we love Tanner Goods as much as we do is because damn near every single thing they produce is made in-house, under one roof. Their Convertible Canine Leads are no exception. This lead is made from 10/11 oz vegetable-tanned Meridian English bridle leather, and features through-hole press fit rivets, as well as a rotating brass trigger clasp that makes collar attachment simple for you and comfortable for your pup. It’s also adjustable to three lengths—31 inches, 39 inches, and 57 inches—to accommodate your pup. $90

Hartman & Rose Italian Leather Dog Lead

Hartman & Rose use soft and supple full grain, vegetable dyed Italian leather in their leashes, and the quality is evident the moment you hold one in your hands. They come in multiple colors and finishes—from black and brown, to green, pink, blue, and beyond—and their hardware comes finished in either 22 karat gold, polished nickel, or antique gold for a custom one-off look. If you’re looking for style and don’t want to pay too much for it, these leashes are stellar. $70

Filson Rope Dog Leash

Filson is a brand we’d trust with our life, so it really only makes sense that we’d trust them with our doggo’s. Their simple Rope Dog Leash comes in at a medium-sized 48 inches long and is made from a stretch of industrial strength double-braid nylon rope, which makes it super difficult to chew through. The O-ring clip on the loop handle can hold things like a key, a small light, or even a baggie holder, and the stain-resistant nylon can be brushed or wiped clean. These leashes are also made in the U.S. $75

Duluth Trading Chewproof Dog Leash

Duluth is a no-bullshit company that makes no-bullshit products, and their Chewproof Dog Leash is a perfect example. This basic nuts-and-bolts leash is made from 3/8-inch galvanized aircraft cable and covered in a smooth, waterproof coating for comfort and visibility, but also to increase durability. The handle comes with extra cushioning and can be unclipped so that the leash may be secured to a post up to 4 inches in diameter, and the leash itself has an over-all length of 6 feet. If simple, tough, and inexpensive is the name of the game, this is your leash. $35

L.L. Bean British Slip Dog Lead

We know what you’re thinking right now: “L.L. Bean makes dog leashes?!” Yessir, they do, and they’re great! These handsome dog leads are based on traditional British collars that’ll tighten when your dog pulls, and relax when they walk leisurely. Aside from the design, it’s also made using soft, comfortable rope, and features a leather slide to adjust loop diameter. Each leash is made in the U.S.A., and comes with the same care and quality as all of L.L. Bean’s other extraordinary products. $20

Soft Touch Collars Heavy Duty Leather Braided Dog Leash

This leash is probably the best deal on this list. These beautiful soft touch braided leather dog leashes are handmade from genuine leather, and feature a two-toned black and cream padded handle design. The leashes are the real deal, and the devil is in the details—from the hand-braided leather, to the lacquered brass hardware to prevent rust. Oh, and they cost less than 28 bucks a pop. $28

Ruffwear Front Range Leash

A lot of the options you’ll see on this list are made by companies that manufacture goods for humans and just so happen to also dabble in doggie gear. Ruffwear, however, is in a category of its own. This doggo-specific brand makes everything from life jackets and toys, to packs, bowls, beds, and even dog boots. Their Front Range Leash features a padded, ergonomic handle, a webbed nylon leash that comes in several colors, and a Ruffwear Swiveling Crux Clip for easy one-handed attachment. And even though it’s designed to be used with Ruffwear’s equally awesome Front Range Harness, but they can be used with any standard collar or harness, too. $20

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