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The Best Bucket Hats for Summer 2022

The Best Bucket Hats for Summer 2022

There were many things I loved about the ’90s. Acerbic sitcoms about New Yorkers. Space Jam. Dr. Pepper chapstick. But a trend I’m more than happy about is the return of the bucket hat. Yes, this oddly-shaped piece of headwear has been cropping up more and more over the last decade and we’ve finally hit a bit of staying power in the market.

A bucket hat isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. It’s one of those items you can just throw on and walk out the door. I don’t think I’d craft an entire outfit with one as inspiration, but it definitely won’t compete with anything that you already have in your wardrobe.

With sunnier days fast approaching, take full advantage of the bucket hat to keep the glare out of your ways and that pasty neck of yours covered. Here are ten great options.


Carhartt WIP Medley

Carhartt WIP has been creating clothes that blur the line between workwear and streetwear for nearly a decade now. The Medley Bucket Hat is no different. Combining a relaxed corduroy with the inherent structure to the bucket hat design gives this bucket hat an upscale feel without breaking the bank (too much).
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Garden Heir 3L Waterproof Garden Hat

Here I may be expanding the definition of “bucket hat” a bit, but I couldn’t not include Garden Heir’s hat. A high-fashion alternative to one’s normal straw hat, this weatherproof option is form and function combined seamlessly. An impressive silhouette and an array of muted tones makes this an option to really feel your best while in the greenhouse or rafting down the river.
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J Crew Garden-Dyed Ripstop Bucket Hat

J Crew’s Warm Sepia Ripstop Bucket Hat is the preppy man’s bucket hat. Its bright colors may not be for everyone (or, realistically, not complementary for every skin tone), it’s indeed a beautifully constructed garment at a reasonable price. It’s a fun, sunny option for those who are looking to not take themselves too seriously.
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Tilley Iconic T1

Tilley has redesigned their bucket hat to be a modern favorite. Handmade and upgraded for the modern wearer, this hat comes in a variety of colors (and bonus, proper head sizing versus Small, Medium, and Large). I quite like the pink and think it’s just elevated enough for a garden party or the like. Too bad, sadly, I have a very pink complexion already and would, perhaps, look a bit phallic wearing it myself.
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MHL by Margaret Howell Khaki Sou Wester Bucket Hat

Like Garden Heir’s above, the Sou Wester Bucket Hat is a fashionable redefinition of the classic bucket hat style. I quite like the exaggerated lines and larger-than-life silhouette of this option, coming in a complementary green shade that is subtle but not boring.
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Adidas Washed Bucket Hat

An OG in the streetwear department, the Adidas Washed Bucket Hat is as no-frills as you can get without losing any of the cred that Adidas has built up in the game since the 90s. The classic trefoil logo really brings this back for me. I’m pretty sure I owned one during my Fresh Prince obsession in elementary school.
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Parks Project x National Geographic Tie Dye Bucket Hat

This product is the exact tone a collaboration should take between two brands. Utilizing the iconic National Geographic emblem, this hat keeps it casual with a more toned-down tie-dye and a comfortable vibe. It’s the perfect hat to keep in your car for long road trips (including, say, to one of the 63 national parks in the US).
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The best option by price on the list, ASOS will give you a quality bucket hat for cheap. If you’re looking to explore this trend without investing too much money into it, then I highly recommend this option for you.
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Jacquemus Le Bob Gadjo Bucket Hat

Jacquemus has hit a cult status by mixing high fashion with a relatability by its founder on Instagram. From teeny-tiny purses to bold, architectural designs, anything Jacquemus does is a bit of a showstopper. Le Bob Gadjo is a reasonably priced entry into the designer’s orbit while giving one a chance to see what all of the fuss is about.
Buy Now $100


American Trench Cotton Linen Bucket Hat

Classic, simple, and made from a cotton-linen blend, the American Trench gives exactly what is asked for from a bucket hat. Simple and comfortable, this option is no-frills with all of the simple needs for a hat you can throw on and mosey out the door.
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