15. Lips of Faith – La Folie (New Belgium Brewing)

If you want to ease into sour beers, this is not the place to start. It’s super sour, but – at least in our book – super delicious. New Belgium

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16. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

An incredible IPA that you don’t have to hit the lottery to get in your fridge. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale boasts a hefty hop aroma with the perfect amount of sweetness. You can’t go wrong with this or Bell’s Hopslam or actually most of their beers for that matter. Bell’s Beer

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17. Darkness (Surly Brewing Co.)

You want big flavor, you got big flavor. Surly’s Darkness is not a Russian Imperial Stout to mess around with. It’s chocolatey with a bunch of nuances that any beer fan would appreciate. Surly Brewing

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18. Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek

Lambics are not often considered the manliest of beers, but you can’t hide deliciousness. This Kriek lambic from Cantillon won’t win you many points with frat bros, but you’ll be laughing to the bottom of each cherry flavored glass. Cantillon

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19. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier

If you don’t speak German, just point at the bottle or tap and hide your pride at the door. It’s worth it. This is the classic German Hefe which all others should be measured against. Weihenstephaner

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20. Cable Car (The Lost Abbey)

A funktastic American wild that packs a sour punch. If you’re the kind of guy who bites into straight grapefruit, this is a beer worth storing in your collection. Lost Abbey

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21. Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

As far as porters go, you could do far, far worse than this brew from Great Lakes. It’s ridiculously smooth and our pick for the best porter around. Best of all, it’s most likely not a beer you have to go hunting for. Great Lakes Brewing

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22. Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale (Sierra Nevada)

On a cold winter night, this is the beer we reach for. It’s exactly what you want in a robust brew. Sierra Nevada

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23. Peche Mortel (Dieu du Ciel)

Another one for the coffee nuts. Peche Mortel (French for “Mortal Sin”) is an Imperial Stout that acquires a lot of its flavor from the fair-trade coffee it’s infused with. Dieu Du Ciel

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24. Sam Adams Utopias

Who is ready to get wrecked? If you raised your hand, save up and search out Sam Adams Utopias. At 27% ABV it’s more like a light bourbon. Of course, that’s part of the fun. Samuel Adams

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25. Zombie Dust (Three Floyds)

A just flat-out great pale ale from Three Floyds. It’s hoppy, fruity, and should be a summertime staple if you can get it. 3 Floyds

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