For as much as we complain about trying to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for her, it must be far more challenging for her to find the right one for us. We mean, at least we have the classic flowers and candies if all else fails. This year, we want to help out the women looking for something small to give their guy this holiday. Each item listed below is under $50 and gets our stamp of approval. By the way, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for her, you can find those here.


Skull Barspoon

The home bartender needs something to help whip up his drinks, so why not give him a bar spoon with a bit of character. These evil Skull Barspoons are made from stainless steel and are available in a few  different platings/finishes—copper, gold, and gunmetal black. To his health, right?


Cloud Mug

Forget the coffee mugs with the goofy phrases and meme-level images and go with something classically cool. The Cloud Mug fits the bill, with its stoneware build and matte finish.



With WoodSnap, you can take one of those cherished memories and transform it into a unique work of art. WoodSnap embeds ink directly into a piece of wood (think tattooing), meaning the prints are vibrant and will last. Choose the size and let us know we should clear some office wall space.


Diptyque Feu de Bois/Wood Fire Scented Candle

This is the perfect candle for winter, as it fills a home with the intoxicating scent of a burning fire. Don’t have a fireplace? This is the next best thing.


McQueen’s Motorcycles

The King of Cool had a well-documented love affair with two-wheeled forms of transportation. This book charts that relationship, with info on the auctions for the bikes he owned, his movie rides, and much more.


Barebones Living 12” Cast Iron Skillet

The cast iron skillet should be the workhorse of his kitchen. Once properly seasoned, a cast iron skillet will handle everything from his morning eggs to his evening ribeye. At just $42, this one is a steal.


The Host Key

Some nights you crack a beer and fall on the couch; other nights you split a bottle of vino over dinner. He’ll be stylishly prepared for either with The Host Key, a 2-in-1 type deal that can be stored around the neck of a bottle when you might need to open another.


The Decision Maker

J.L. Lawson & Co. makes heirloom-quality goods, which means this Decision Maker coin will help even his grandson make tough calls. The coin is available in nickel silver, copper, bronze, brass, or a couple other slightly more expensive materials.


Best Made 9” Strongbox

Designed as a storage vessel for, well, anything, the 9” Strongbox is a durable gear holster. Perfect for storing mementos, everyday carry gear, or whatever he has lying around in a stylish way, the Strongbox feels pulled from a dusty old garage shelf and refurbished for another life.


Grafton Pen

This 100% anodized aluminum pen is a durable writing instrument that takes Fisher Space Pen refills so it can perform in any situation. Sporting an all-black motif, the sleek writing instrument looks good in the hand or a breast pocket.


Mercer Culinary Sashimi Knife

There’s a reason sushi chefs turn to a knife like this. The razor sharp high carbon blade allows for precise, delicate cuts. If he’s into preparing sashimi dinners, or he just wants a badass knife to add to his kitchen arsenal, this will make him very happy.


Cast Iron Forever Spin Top

We don’t often see cast iron applied to things that aren’t found in our kitchen. Here, however, the durable material is used to craft a top that will want to spin while trying to think of ideas at his desk.


S’well In the Stars Bottle

Need proof S’well’s taking over the eco-friendly drinking game? Just look at our list of Valentine’s gifts for her, which also features one. For the guys, we dig this space pattern.


Nine 37 Watch Prints

Look, with $50 to spend, you’re not going to be gifting him a new Rolex this Valentine’s Day. Do the next best thing with one of these prints. The minimal, stylish prints depict different iconic timepieces. Just find out if he’s a Speedmaster guy or whether he rolls with a Patek Philippe first.


Corter Handmade Brass Cuff

Cuffs are kinda in right now and that makes us happy. The cuff is an understated accessory that adds just enough unique character to an outfit. We’re big fans of this solid brass one from the guys over at Corter.


J.Crew Washed Leather Belt

Simple. Classic. Attractive. This Washed Leather Belt from J.Crew is a timeless closet staple. At just $23, you won’t find a better option out there.


CRKT Ken Onion Swindle Knife

A basic folder is a good option when it comes to pocket knives, as one can be used as a do-everything blade. Few places are as trusted as CRKT and Ken Onion. Here the two come together to offer up a basic folder that’s anything but basic.


Watershed Distillery Bourbon Whiskey

If he loves bourbon, he’s probably tried most of the bottles at your average liquor store. Give him something new this Valentine’s Day. Watershed Distillery, located in Columbus, Ohio, started up a few years back and now offers a fine bourbon that’s probably never crossed his lips.


BucknBear EDC Multi-Tool Carabiner

In an attractive damascus, this carabiner is far more eye-catching than the ones he’ll find at the local outdoor retailer. On top of that, it boasts a built-in bottle opener and hex driver.


Amazon Echo Dot

Bring the powers of Alexa into one of his rooms. He’ll be able to stream music, get important info, and even order a pizza without getting out of bed or lifting himself off the couch.


Lemon Ball Baseball

This Leather Head ball is far nicer than the ones at the local batting cage. Crafted from genuine Horween chromexcel leather, this ball looks good on display or in his mitt during a pick-up game.


Word. Notebook Leather Jacket

If he carries a pocket notebook everywhere he goes, consider this attractive Leather Jacket, which will help preserve all those notes and important reminders. Each is made in the USA and outfitted with an eye-catching band closure. It fits a pair of any standard 4” x 6” pocket notebooks.


Jon Contino T-Shirt

Jon Contino, a favorite artist around the Cool Material offices, recently launched his own line of clothing. Each tee sports some of his insanely awesome design work. Have your pick. They’re all killer.


Poler Rambler Pack

A small backpack is a must-have for any guy. It’s the kind of bag that can be turned to for quick jaunts and impromptu outings. Give him one with a dose of color with this Poler bag. The Rambler Pack is a 100% nylon bag that as attractive as it is functional.


IGWM Statehood Bar Necklace

Let him rep his home with one of these Statehood Bar Necklaces. A simple yet attractive jewelry option, the bar necklace is handcrafted from a state quarter of your choosing and finished with a sterling silver chain.


The Curse of Lono

When The Curse of Lono was previously published by Taschen, the book from Hunter S. Thompson and longtime art buddy Ralph Steadman was a pricey number. With the release of a new, more affordable version, you can drop the book on someone’s coffee table on the cheap. With artwork from the aforementioned Steadman and words about a trip to Hawaii by the late, great HST, the book is an absolute winner.


Eric Kenney Outsider Mug

If the stoneware mug wasn’t really his speed, give him one with a bit more of an edge. This mug from Eric Kenney puts some of his slick-as-hell art on display whenever he reaches for a cup of java.


Finisterre Fisherman Beanie

The fisherman beanie brings to mind images of Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and, well, who wouldn’t want a bit of that style in their life. Perfect at sea or on a windy street, this Fisherman Beanie from Finisterre is an attractive option if you want a little more marine style in your life.


Just Mobile HeadStand Desktop Headphone Stand

Tossing your headphones down on a desk haphazardly is a messy look. This attractive stand bring some order to storing those awkwardly-shaped cans. Made of high-quality aluminum, the stand is a welcome storage option.


LEGO Chicago

If he lives in, works in, or just loves the Windy City, consider giving him this desktop accoutrement. Every guy loves LEGO bricks, and a more adult-friendly option like this allows him to put a little bit of fun in his otherwise mundane office.


Roku Express

Despite so many other streaming devices coming to market, we still love Roku. The Roku Express is a simple version that will deliver fast HD streaming at a price that’s far from scary. Easy to understand navigation, simple setup, and no monthly fees.


Base Valet Tray

This colorful valet tray brings a pop of color to any room. If he still throws his keys, wallet, phone, and assorted everyday carry haphazardly on a nightstand or dresser, give him the gift of attractive organization.


Bonfire Leather Wrapped Candle

The scents of tobacco and vanilla blend together when this stylish candle is lit. Not only will it fill the room with an inviting fragrance, but it won’t look like a Yankee Candle eyesore when it’s just sitting there on a coffee table.


Horse Kiridashi EDC Kit

We first fell in love with Horse because of their stunning bicycles. While a bike might be out of the question this Valentine’s Day, some of Horse’s other American-made goods are not, like this Kiridashi EDC Kit. A traditional kiridashi was used by miners for various tasks, and this modern version follows suit, allowing a user to cut, pry, and scrape whatever he needs.


Reigning Champ One For One Soccer Ball

Ditching the iconic checkered pattern for a blacked-out motif, this soccer ball from Reigning Champ brings some style to the pitch. Best of all, when you gift it to him you can let him know that another was donated to a sports program in North America.


Lodge Carbon Steel 12” Skillet

Lodge makes some of the most durable and affordable cookware you’ll find. This carbon steel pan will heat quickly and retain heat for many, many years to come. Gas? Electric? An open flame? This pan will handle them all.


Corrugated Pencil Box

Desk accessories are a smart move for the guy who basically lives at the office. To be placed next to that picture of you, consider this Corrugated Pencil Box, which offers a sleek way to store all his writing instruments and random office staples.


Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur

If sweet and spicy is what he’s after, this is the bottle for him. Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur offers chocolate notes that are followed by a bit of heat. Not only does it taste great, but the bottle looks damn good on any home bar.


Pop Chart Lab 99 Bottles of Craft Beer on the Wall Scratch-Off Chart

If he likes his IPAs dry-hopped and his stouts aged in bourbon barrels, this is the piece of artwork for him. The chart allows him to scratch off popular craft beers once he’s had them. It’s a gift and a challenge.


Norlan Glass

Not only does the Norlan Glass look like one of the most stylish whiskey glasses we’ve ever come across, but it’s designed to improve the entire drinking experience. The unique construction opens up scents and flavors so the drinker gets to experience all the finest bourbons have to offer.


Appointed Workbook

Appointed makes some of the most refined notebooks on the market today. Perfect for work reminders or random musings, the Workbook boasts a heavyweight cover, an attractive brass coil, and swatches for business cards.


Postalco One Year Wall Calendar

While we’re knee-deep in February, a good-looking wall calendar can still bring some charm to a room or office for the good portion of the year. Postalco’s boasts an antique vibe that’s homey and stylish.


Hand-Dyed Tenugui

These kitchen cloths were hand-dyed by a 200-year-old studio in Japan, which is something the unique fabric choices should have alerted you to. Whether he uses it for minor spills or as a washrag is up to him, all we know is it looks far nicer than a standard towel.


Billykirk Leather Tray, Bronco

This made in the USA leather valet tray sports the image of one of our favorite vehicles ever made, the Ford Bronco. The stunning leather will patina with use and will develop a look that is unique to the man you give it to.


Everlane Pocket Tote

A tote is a kind of do-everything bag. Don’t let him rely on one of those reusable ones from the grocery store for his assorted gear; get him something better, something like this tote from Everlane. The Pocket Tote is built from twill and outfitted with an exterior pocket and a ton of style.


Scrabble Deluxe 2-in-1 Message Board

If Words With Friends is the fast version of Scrabble, this is the slow version. Hang up this Scrabble Message Board and play as you come and go.


Newgate London Red Alarm Clock

As people begin to turn away from their phones at night, perhaps it’s time to help him stop using one as his alarm clock? In its place, get him a stylish classic from Newgate.


Makers Playing Cards

Poker night is about to get a much-needed makeover. Instead of the bland cards he’s been playing with for decades, give him this set. Makers boasts some stunning artwork and a gold and green motif.


Recipes from the Woods

He may be getting cabin fever with winter still whipping chilly winds around, but when he has the chance to get out in nature again he’ll appreciate this book. Recipes from the Woods includes 100 recipes that feature game and foraged ingredients. He’ll want to spark a campfire and rummage through the forest asap.


Connect Everyday Carry Bag

Guys are often limited to the space in their pockets for their EDC. The Connect Everyday Carry Bag is a stylish, military-inspired option for when those pockets can’t hold all that gear. It packs 12 elastic compartments, 8 utility pockets, a paracord loop, and much more.

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