Long the fuel for nightmares about the stuffy dress-up events of your youth, the navy blazer is not what you remember. The giant gold buttons and puffy shoulder pads were eliminated long ago, and today’s version, in its unstructured glory, should be a closet staple for every man. It can be worn with anything. Toss it over a button-down and add a tie for a fancy dinner. Throw it on top of a t-shirt for a casual but refined look. Hell, wear it with a pair of shorts. If you don’t already have one in your closet, that needs to change, and we endorse all of these as possible purchases.


Apolis Washed Linen Civilian Blazer

The durable, lightweight linen used to construct this Apolis blazer allows you to wear it when heavier blazers would turn you into a sweaty mess. Thanks to expert tailoring, time-honored trims, and finished seams, the Washed Linen Civilian Blazer will last you years and improve with age. As with all things Apolis, it was crafted using the highest social and environmental standards, as well.


Hugh & Crye Seneca Casual Blazer

Unstructured and lightweight for layering, the Seneca Casual Blazer from DC-based Hugh & Crye is a comfortable option that drapes over the shoulders. Rounded pockets and a slim lapel aid in the casual appearance, which is inspired by the landscape of rural Maryland. Slim fit and sharp.


McQ Alexander McQueen Unstructured Cotton-Twill Blazer

We’re always ones for saving, but when you’re adding a staple like a navy blazer to your closet, sometimes it’s worth investing. If you feel that way, the Unstructured Cotton-Twill Blazer from Alexander McQueen is an upgraded option we approve of. Cut in a slightly more boxy way than others on this list, this blazer refines the unstructured, casual look. The partially lined satin interior make it easy and comfortable to toss on.


Universal Works Suit Jacket

A navy blazer is a jacket that will never go out of style, so you’ll probably want one that can last for the long haul. Who better to turn to than a former coal miner with an eye for durability? David Keyte, founder of Universal Works, brings his functional point of view to all the clothing he crafts, meaning the brand’s navy twill suit jacket will look good for year’s to come.


Arpenteur Villefranche Jacket

Named after a French city renowned for its workwear factories, the Villefranche Jacket is a blazer for the adventurous and the active. With details inspired by the pieces coming out of the town it’s named after, the jacket works at the office during the week or in the garage for your weekend projects. And thanks to a slim, tailored fit and clever notched lapel collar, it looks far better than bland, utilitarian workwear.


Cadet Barracks Blazer

The knit fabric lends some texture to this unstructured blazer from Brooklyn-based label Cadet. Slim fit unlike many tops out of the same material, the jacket feels more casual without looking sloppy.


J.Crew Ludlow Sportcoat

Part of J.Crew’s slim and modern Ludlow line, the Ludlow Sportcoat is as clean as you’d expect from the prep-heavy brand. Using a special cotton developed at the Larusmiani mill in Milan, the designers kept the tailored jacket lightweight and versatile. It’s your basic blazer only better.


Blue Blue Japan Linen Herringbone Two Button Jacket

Blue Blue Japan, as the name would suggest, excels at one thing: blue. Their indigo items are among some of the sharpest we’ve ever seen. Take for example this two button beauty. The rich indigo is reminiscent of some investment jeans, and the linen keeps you sweat-free in warmer months. Perfect for the streets of Tokyo or that new wine bar around the corner.

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