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5 Brands From the Capsule Menswear Show You Should Know

5 Brands From the Capsule Menswear Show You Should Know

The latest incarnation of Capsule, the men’s apparel and accessories show that started in 2007, hit the Big Apple this past week, and as always, brought with it a slew of new trends and labels. We dug through all of them to find a few we think are worth your attention. Here are five that should be on your radar.

Briston Watches

Brice Jaunet, the founder of Briston Watches, spent 15 years in the luxury watch industry before looking to transition into sunglasses. When the deal for the new shades brand fell through, Jaunet decided to marry the beautiful cellulose acetate used in the construction of sunglasses with his knowledge of fine timepieces. So was born Briston Watches. The acetate compliments the ’20s-inspired square case the brand utilizes, and because of the process, no two are exactly alike. All take NATO bands, and the watches were cleverly designed to stay in place on those bands even when off the wrist and tossed around. $170+

North Sea Clothing

The North Sea Clothing story starts with a sweater first worn by the British Royal Navy in both World Wars that they recreated. As their range of products grew, they kept the sea theme going. We’re fans of their Marine sneaker line, which boasts extended vulcanized rubber overlaps for added protection from the sloshing water on a boat. $70+


The goal behind Selvadge (a blend of “selvedge” and “salvage”) is to create jeans in the most sustainable way possible. Every aspect down to the packaging they’re solid in is made in the USA. And speaking of that packaging, it happens to be a nicely designed cylinder like you might stick a check in at the bank drive through, and it allows you to drop your old pair of jeans in it after your new ones arrive so Selvadge can turn them into insulation or, if they’re in decent condition, repair and donate them. Of course none of this would matter if the jeans weren’t nice, but the attention to detail is fantastic—a hidden double button closure makes sure you get the right fit every time, the fifth pocket can hold even the largest iPhone, and the red interior accents add some personality. Link

Enter Accessories

Stockholm-based Enter Accessories has been making sharp bags for the better part of 5 years, but only recently have they made their foray into the States. You’ll find plenty of black duffles and minimal totes with a distinctly Scandinavian feel. The brand even plays around with sharp waterproof fabrics and even one that mimics the look and feel of a military bomber jacket. Link

Dickies Construct

If the dependable workwear from Dickies appeals to you but you demand a bit more style, Dickies Construct is where to turn. Still aimed at the working man, the line features a more tailored look with colors that venture outside of khaki. But just because the pieces fit better and look better, it doesn’t mean you won’t find quilted vests, rain parkas, and other functional items. Link

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