19. The Montreal International Fireworks Competition

It will blow your last 4th of July out of the water

20. A big time comedian’s performance at The Comedy Cellar

Seeing a legend work on material will make you appreciate their art so much more

21. Gumball 3000

A race filled with ludicrously expensive cars that’s somehow still legal

22. A live auction with the intent of bidding on something

Say hello to the most thrilling way to shop

23. Baselworld

Even though you’ll leave wanting a new watch and a better paying job

24. The Running of the Bulls

For stupidity in motion

25. 24 Hours of Le Mans

Crazy cars. Fearless drivers. Legendary race.

26. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Put something strong in your hot chocolate and head to Anchorage

27. The Tour de France

For biking intensity unmatched by even a New York City commute

28. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Because lots of hot dogs and old rollercoasters go together perfectly

29. The FIFA World Cup

You know, when it’s not in Qatar

30. The American Royal World Series of BBQ

Because barbecue is an art, and these guys are the Picassos

31. The Experimental Aircraft Association’s Airventure

Go for the aircraft, stay for the wall of fire

32. A week-long retreat

Whether it’s a digital detox or all-day meditation, you’ll actually learn something about yourself

33. Rio Carnival

Because it takes a lot to one-up Mardi Gras

34. A sumo match

To find out what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

35. An underground supper club meal

It’s a more intimate, and slightly more illegal, dining experience

DSC_0392 (1)

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