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20 Things We Wanted To Steal From Comic-Con 2013

20 Things We Wanted To Steal From Comic-Con 2013


Hotels around the San Diego area book up approximately 8 years before Comic-Con dates are even announced. We were lucky enough to get sent out courtesy of The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express. (For details on how you can start earning points towards free nights at over 1,000 hotels or for free flights on over 350 airlines click here.) The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort was a nice place to to get away from the sweaty convention hall and store all the random stuff we acquired. Of course, what we really wanted to acquire from the show was a little trickier. Here are 20 of those items:


1. Daft Punk Action Figures

These guys are available for pre-order now, but we’d rather be the first on the block with them.


2. Dharma Initiative Beer

Still missing Lost? Us too, and we wouldn’t mind drowning our sorrows with a can of actual Dharma Initiative Beer.


3. Han Solo in Carbonite

While we’d have some issues getting it through our front door, having a life-size version of Han Solo frozen in carbonite in our living room would definitely be an attention piece. 


4. A-Team Van

Even if B.A. Baracus isn’t poised to jump out the back, we can’t think of many rides that would be cooler to drive around than The A-Team Van.


5. The Dude’s Sweater

We don’t care if it’s 90-freaking-degrees right now, we’d rock The Dude’s sweater daily.


6. XBox One & PS4

Even though Microsoft has enjoyed a healthy backlash since the announcement of the XBox One, having had the chance to play some games on one at Comic-Con, we still want it. But, to be fair, after playing the PlayStation 4, we want that too.


7. The Walking Dead Zombie Survival Vehicle

Because, who wouldn’t want a car with chainsaws sticking out of the front? 


8. The Mystery Machine

Fill the back with some Scooby Snacks and we’d gladly take The Mystery Machine on some epic road trips.


9. LEGO Hobbit Home

LEGO was huge at Comic-Con this year. With the movie coming out in the not too distant future, it seemed everything was getting a LEGO makeover. Perhaps none cooler than this version of Bag End.


10. Obama Star Wars Figure

We’ve rewatched every Star Wars movie multiple times, and though we tried, we never saw Obama in any of them. Still, we wanted to toss this odd Obama Jedi figure into our carry-on for its sheer quirkiness.


11. 20th Century Fox Comic-Con Exclusive DVDs

We don’t watch DVDs much any more, but these sweet minimalist covers made us want to get our hands on these offerings from 20th Century Fox.


12. LEGO Yoda

Another one of our favorite LEGO pieces at the show was this light-up Yoda.


13. Renly Baratheon’s Crown

He might not be the most popular Game of Thrones character, but he does have the sweetest head gear. 


14. Sharknado Poster

Sharknado was a fairly popular topic at Comic-Con, and whether you thought it was ridiculously awesome or just plain ridiculous, you’ve got to admit, this is a sharp looking poster.


15. Asics Superhero Sneakers

BAIT was there with a bunch of stuff we wanted to take home with us. That included these Asics that were inspired by different superheroes.


16. KAWS Boba Fett

We featured this KAWS version of Boba Fett awhile back but could never actually get our hands on one. 


17. Evel Fett

3D Retro and Retro Outlaw brought this oddity to the show. Part Boba Fett and part Evel Knievel makes for one awesome toy.


18. Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Only at Comic-Con would you see the Ecto-1 just rolling down the street and see people not even notice. We did, and we wanted it. 


19. Donnie Darko Frank the Rabbit Mask

We’re huge fans of Donnie Darko, and we can’t think of a creepier Halloween costume than dressing up as Frank the Rabbit with the actual mask from the movie.


20. Heisenberg Hat

Goorin Bros. brought out their new Official Heisenberg Hat. We planned on jacking it, but if you want to buy one, you can get it here.

My stay at The St. Regis, Monarch Beach, was provided as part of my ongoing Starwood Preferred Guest/American Express “Stars” partnership.

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