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11 Things We Wanted To Steal From CES

11 Things We Wanted To Steal From CES

What you don’t realize if you’ve never been to CES is, there’s a lot of crap. For every 4K television and awesome new gadget, there are hundreds of junky iPhone cases, cheap docking units, and Sky Mall-esque products that will never even be released. We hit up this year’s convention and dug through all the gear to find the stuff that really got our attention. These are the 11 Things We Wanted To Steal From This Year’s CES.

Sharp 85″ 8K TV

All the hype going in to CES this year was over 4K televisions (which, for the record, are freaking sweet), but Sharp dropped this lovely bomb for the unsuspecting masses. This 8K TV is mind-blowing. No picture will do it justice, unfortunately. You could get an inch from the screen and still not believe you were looking at a picture. Do to the insane crowd around it at all times, a heist would have been extremely difficult. (Link)

Teenage Engineering OD-11 Cloud Speaker

We’ve never made an electronics purchase based on the remote. We’ve never seen a TV that was just okay but since it came with an awesome remote, we bought it. The OD-11 Cloud Speaker just might change that. Besides being an awesome way to pump your Spotify playlists, the OD-11 from Teenage Engineering comes with the coolest remote we’ve ever seen. The magnetic knob is wireless, so you can place it where ever you want and twist and turn it to control your volume and press it to control the track selection. You can even assign multiple remotes to different playlists so you can have a whole series of colorful dials throughout your home. (Link)

Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro

For the second year in a row, Audi set up the sickest booth at CES. The highlight of the giant whited-out, futuristic space was the R18 e-tron quattro. The first ever partially electric Audi race car is simply a work of art. The two years of work put in on this bad boy were totally worth it, and we wouldn’t mind having one for our neighbors to gawk at. (Link)

Samsung 110-Inch Ultra High Definition 4K TV

One of the most talked about items from this year’s show was this monster of a TV from Samsung. With four times the pixels of full HD, the 4K resolution is super impressive in person. The speakers built-in to the frame are also a nice touch, and, while floor space may be an issue, this TV set will put you in the driver’s seat to host the next Super Bowl party. (Link)

Ferrari by Logic3 Headphones

CES is loud. Not loud like a heavy metal show, but loud like having a bees nest tacked to your ear. There’s just a continuous buzzing of product descriptions, seductive booth babes, and beeping electronics the entire time you are there. Nothing drowned out that noise quite like these Ferrari headphones. Besides looking sharp (what else would you expect from the Italian automaker?), these cans cranked out seriously beautiful sound. We’d personally opt for the T350’s, but would be satisfied with any of the music blasters they had on display. (Link)

Stick N Find

These are far more exciting than a bunch of colorful buttons (unless you freaking LOVE BUTTONS!!). The tiny little stickers are Bluetooth powered and help you find all the stuff you normally lose. Put one on your keys, your remote, or your dog, and you’ll never misplace them again. With a 100-foot range, they’re super useful around the house. (Link)

Outdoor Technology Armadillo Speaker

What looks like a piece of the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon’s Guts, is actually an awesome sounding Bluetooth speaker. While it won’t hit stores until later this year, it’s one of the few portable Bluetooth speakers that doesn’t follow the exact formula that Jawbone introduced. It’s like a larger version of the company’s Turtle Shell which we dig, but sounds even better. (Link)

Sony Xperia Z

We don’t know what it is, but phones seem to be magnetically attracted to toilet bowls. They’re fairly easy to hold onto until you’re hovering around your throne. The Sony Xperia Z is capable of being submerged in water of up to around 3 feet for 30 minutes and still functioning. Not only that, if you get it all dirty, just wash it under the sink. It sports a nice 5″ full HD display and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor. Now you can finally check Facebook in the shower. (Link)

Pebble Watch

Of all the gadgets at CES, perhaps the most hyped was the Kickstarter phenom, Pebble Watch. Finally getting released on January 23rd, the E-Paper watch looks to live up to all the excitement. The watch lets you download apps and get notifications on everything from email to new Facebook messages. With a press conference and about a billion people interested, we would have had to pull of some Ocean’s Eleven stuff to snag one, so we’ll just wait a week. (Link)

Aedle VK-1 Headphones

We already knew these headphones looked great. They’ve been featured everywhere over the last few weeks, however, we couldn’t really judge the quality until we got our hands on them. Well, they didn’t disappoint. The luxurious headphones handled heavy bass, crisp vocals, and anything else we threw at them. Oh yeah, and they’re gorgeous. (Link)

Behringer iNuke Boom

Yes, the logistics for stealing the world’s largest boombox would take a bit of planning, but having this bad boy in our living room would be worth the work. Clocking in at a cool 30 grand, the iNuke Boom isn’t exactly in our price range, but the ability to crank out 10,000 Watts is super enticing. The speaker/iPhone dock weighs around 700 pounds, so plan on keeping it in one place. (Link)