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10 New Books You Should Know

10 New Books You Should Know

Whether you read on a tablet, Kindle, or still prefer the smell of a freshly cracked paperback, finding your next book is never easy. You could never read all the new releases each week, so we’re here to help. These are a handful of the new titles we think deserve a space on your eReader or your nightstand.

Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy

Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow, writer and director of Knocked UpFreaks and Geeks, and more, recently released this book that steps back and looks at comedy from afar. It does so with engaging conversations between Apatow and the likes of Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, and other legendary comedians. It’s a book for comedy nerds by a comedy nerd. $17

Eyes Wide Open! 100 Years of Leica Photography

Hans-Michael Koetzle

Leica cameras, with their retro good looks and incredible capabilities, are beloved by so many. If you’re one of those people, this should be your next coffee table purchase. Eyes Wide Open! 100 Years of Leica Photography is a celebration of the iconic camera’s history, packed with 800 images, some dating back to the 1920s. $88

Finders Keepers

Stephen King

There are two kinds of readers: those who don’t like Stephen King and those who thirst for new books from him like they feast on them for nourishment. For the latter group, the master of suspense delivers again. Finders Keepers centers around a deranged fan of an author, a forgotten manuscript, and plenty of pages that will wear out the edge of your seat. $17

Living the Remote Dream: A Guide To Seeing the World, Setting Records, and Advancing Your Career

Darren Murph

It will happen sometime on Wednesday: you’ll be sitting at your desk, plugging away at your computer, and start wondering why you’re even there. Then it will happen again next Wednesday. To inspire you to make a transition to a more remote career, Darren Murph is sharing some advice. His book will teach you how to kill the commute, see your family more, and be generally more happy about your work. Nine bucks well spent. $9

Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

Elizabeth Semmelhack

From the incredible traveling exhibition of the same name, Out of the Box visually charts the history of sneaker culture. And while most of the entries are fairly recent, you’ll also find a running shoe from 1860, some 1936 track shoes, and more. Put on your Jordans and get to reading. $32

Beyond: Our Future in Space

Chris Impey

SpaceX rocket explosion aside, the future endeavors outside our planet will be fascinating and fruitful. Chris Impey is taking you on a tour of what could, and probably will, happen when it comes to space exploration. From colonies on Mars to humans born somewhere other than Earth, Impey takes you into the future in Beyond: Our Future in Space. $20

Our Souls at Night

Kent Haruf

This is the last novel we will be graced with from the late Kent Haruf. The author of works like The Tie That Binds and Plainsong left us with one more read before he passed—and it’s a good one. Our Souls at Night, like his other works, ignites emotions as you flip the pages. Once again set in Holt, Colorado, the story revolves a pair of lonely souls, and it delivers sparse pain like only Haruf could. $15

Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Hubs of Culture and Creativity

Oriana Leckert

Brooklyn might be ripe for a Portlandia spin-off, but we love the New York borough for all its quirkiness. Brooklyn Spaces is a celebration of the industrial spaces that were chopped up, redesigned, and hacked to be the homes of many creative outfits in Brooklyn. This is the Brooklyn you know and love. So put on your artisanal reading glasses made from upcycled bicycle rims and read a few pages. $21

Modern Romance

Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg

Treat yo self to a pretty damn entertaining read from Aziz Ansari this month. Modern Romance is a guide to love in the digital age. Let Aziz help you respond to that emoji text and much more with the help of NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg. Who else would you turn to for such advice? $18

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

Piers Bizony

It won’t be out for a few months, but if you’re a superfan of Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece, start making room on your coffee table for this book. The latest stunning book from Taschen takes you behind the scenes to see how the groundbreaking film was made. Included are talks with the actors, on and off set photos, and lots more to satisfy your 2001 hunger. $63