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10 Documentaries Every Guy Should See

10 Documentaries Every Guy Should See

Most of the time we’ll flip on a movie to relax and zone out for a bit. We’ll watch something with a sweet car chase or a sexy female lead to kill a couple of hours. There are occasions, however, when we want to learn something when we break out the popcorn. That said, it doesn’t mean the film has to be boring. These are 10 documentaries every guy should see.

1. Dogtown and Z Boys

For a history lesson on why the X Games could even exist, check out Dogtown and Z Boys. The film explores the California skating scene of the mid-70’s when it blew up. It’ll make you want to pick up a deck and hit some seaside surf town. Netflix DVD iTunes Amazon Instant

2. Hoop Dreams

Saying Hoop Dreams is about basketball is like saying Titanic is about a boat. This movie is so much bigger than a sport documentary, it is a behind the scenes look at the streets of Chicago in the early 90’s and how much a dream can really drive a man. Netflix DVD Netflix Instant iTunes Amazon Instant

3. Exit Through the Gift Shop

You can debate all you want whether this is a legit documentary or not, we’ll side with putting it on this list for the simple fact that it could be and it’s awesome. The attempt to get Banksy on camera turned into a more elaborate film than you could imagine. If you believe it. Netflix DVD Netflix Instant iTunes Amazon Instant

4. Senna

Your palms are gonna sweat like you were actually driving an F1 race car while watching Senna. The life of Ayrton Senna, which is chronicled in the film, was crazy, exciting and, at all times, insanely fast. This documentary lets you experience what it was like to live like an absolute racing king on and off the track. Netflix DVD Netflix Instant iTunes Amazon Instant

5. Brother’s Keeper

The trailer for Brother’s Keeper doesn’t do it justice. Trust us. This documentary has all the makings of a great murder mystery movie, only it’s not scripted and acted out. Netflix DVD Netflix Instant iTunes Amazon Instant

6. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Watching your friend play video games can be insanely boring. That is exactly what makes this movie so impressive. The King of Kong depicts the fight for high score supremacy in Donkey Kong back in the early 80’s. It’s as entertaining to watch as going to the arcade back in the day. Netflix DVD iTunes Amazon Instant

7. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This is easily the best movie about raw fish ever made. Jiro Dreams of Sushi tells the story of the world’s greatest sushi chef – A little old man with a restaurant in the basement of an office building. It’s about care for your craft and always striving to get better. Netflix DVD Netflix Instant iTunes Amazon Instant

8. Murderball

Any sport that has the word “murder” in the title is legit. This look into the world of paraplegic rugby players is both eye-opening and exciting. Don’t think it’s just some inspirational story though, Murderball is chock-full of sex, anger and grittiness. Netflix DVD

9. Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap

“We wanted to hit everyone across the head with a sledgehammer.” That’s just one of the lines from a movie featuring some of the greatest rap lyricists ever. Something from Nothing is the ultimate story of hip hop. It traces the art to its roots and, with the help of legends like Run DMC, Snoop and others, gives viewers a sense of what it’s really all about. Netflix DVD iTunes Amazon Instant

10. Paradise Lost – The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

If you’re looking for another murder mystery and want to seriously question the justice system after watching Brother’s Keeper, this should be your next stop. From the same filmmakers, Paradise Lost drops viewers right into the story of three murdered children and the kids found guilty for killing them. Netflix DVD