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10 Brands You Should Know From the Tokyo International Gift Show

10 Brands You Should Know From the Tokyo International Gift Show

Tokyo’s Big Sight exhibition center is a massive building with an entrance that looks like a series of upside down pyramids. A week ago, thousands of people squeezed through the doors beneath those inverted structures to check out the last gift trends for the coming season. And since “gifts” can include a great many things, we took a trip to Tokyo to spot the hot items and brands we thought you guys would be interested in. From labels repurposing jeans in imaginative ways to ones making clean EDC holders, here are 10 brands you should know about from The 80th Tokyo International Gift Show.

(btw – For a seriously great collection of men’s gifts – be sure to check out the Cool Material Men’s Gift Guide)

Morita Shikki Co.

Founded all the way back in 1909 by a craftsman who made traditional Japanese lacquerware, Morita Shikki Co. continues to churn out products rooted in history. Their finest is the Usubiki Light, a light fixture that’s carved by hand and partially less than 1mm thick. Its thinness lets the light glow through and highlights the unique grain of each lamp.

Yamawaki Cutlery MFG.

Using an ancient forging technique, this kitchen knife brand crafts blades with otherworldly sharpness. Thanks to the use of different types of steel, the Yamawaki Cutlery line includes knives appropriate for all levels and possible tasks. Some even get paired with stunning wooden sheaths for storage. They won’t be easy to come by, but some are available in the U.S. and a couple are even up on Amazon.


Since modern machinery, with all its speed designed for mass production, can damage fine textiles, Kontex decided to use the same old machinery they started with back in 1934 to craft their towels. That attention to detail and to quality has allowed the company to produce some of the finest, most water-absorbing towels we’ve come across. It doesn’t hurt that they look great, too.


Thanks to their simple but stunning design, we’ve wanted to get our hands on some of Acme & Company‘s coffee cups for some time. Another brand we may now consider is Origami. The collection of espresso cups, latte cups, and more are all clad in a single color with a sparkly white interior. The result, for lovers of caffeine in all forms, is a sharp looking shelf full of eye-catching mugs.

Yamamoto Co.

Into military threads? Welcome to your heaven. Yamamoto stocks one of the most insane collections of military and military-inspired pieces we’ve ever come across. And since they source from many countries, you’re not limited to the olive and browns of the USA. They’ve got everything from field jackets to old canteens and patches.

Depth and Demand

Depth and Demand brings some style to your EDC—a category usually devoid of it. They craft good-looking carabiners in jet black and outfit them with colorful leather tags for some stylish carry means. Their other key rings and pocket goods are equally as sharp.

Sanyo High-Cleaner Co.

Those ripped, worn, and faded jeans are graced with a new life by Sanyo High-Cleaner Company. The outfit takes jeans whose glory days are behind them and turns them into anything from aprons to duffel bags.

Bush Craft Co.

As the name would suggest, Bush Craft stocks outdoor goods. Unlike the functional wilderness outfitters you might be thinking of, however, Bush Craft keeps their eye on style. Every utilitarian item is given a fresh spin. They offer waxed canvas totes specially designed for the bottle of scotch you’re bringing along for nights by the fire, pans that take branches for handles, and a bevy of little knickknacks.


It’s very possible that your everyday carry collection has slowly spilled out of your pocket. For toting it all around, consider one of the gear bags from DeHINC. The company crafts gadget holsters that are clean and sharp.

Origami Cup

Yes, it’s the second cup on this list with “origami” in the name, but this is wildly different from the colorful cortado cups mentioned earlier. These clever cups are designed as a sort of lunchbox/plate. Not only can you carry your food around in one, but when it’s time to eat, you can unfurl it and use it as a dish. They’ll be sold in large stacks so you can fill your cabinet with them.