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10 Art and Print Shops Every Guy Should Know

10 Art and Print Shops Every Guy Should Know

You probably have at least one naked wall in your home or apartment. If you’ve been searching for the right thing to slap on it, skip the crowded IKEA aisles and big box store selection. The problem with the prints from those shops is they’re on the walls of so many people’s homes already—probably a few you know. For something a bit more original, these are the places we turn to.


Since 2007—minus a hiatus in 2013—20×200 has been introducing the novice art collector to emerging artists. With limited edition pieces as low as $24, you won’t be priced out of owning some unique art or barely seen photography. It’s serious art that isn’t stuffy, and it’s all limited enough to almost guarantee no one you know will have the same piece you do. Link

Poster Cabaret 

Poster Cabaret started by selling underground gig posters back in 2002. Today, they keep that indie appeal despite offering many prints that have nothing to do with concerts (don’t worry, there are plenty of band posters still there). So indie, in fact, that we kinda hate telling people about them, because, like our favorite band, they feel like our secret. Plus, since the founder of the site is an avid cyclist, you’ll find some killer bike prints buried among the collection of other works. Link


There’s a little comic book-loving fanboy in each of us. Putting childish prints on display showcasing it, however, is not recommended. That’s why Mondo exists. They offer some of the slickest limited edition screen prints inspired by comics, TV shows, and films around. They aren’t all cheap, but they’re all better than anything at a local comic book shop. Link


Society6 is a massive, sprawling online depot for work from hundreds of thousands of lesser-known artists from around the world. It’s so huge, in fact, you could do a search for “Bill Murray” and receive over 100 pages of awesome prints. All products are produced when ordered, and there’s almost no artistic itch you can’t scratch with all they have to offer. Link

Tappan Collective

Started by a pair of college friends, both with a background in art, Tappan Collective is a thriving online community for aspiring art collectors. Sign up and you’ll be invited to exclusive sales of original art that will jumpstart your collection. You won’t find print-like prices, but you will find amazing art from emerging artists for a lot less than you might expect. A few hundred dollars and you’re on your way to becoming a true art connoisseur. Link

A Cut Above the Retsy

Etsy is a fantastic place to find art from small makers, but with so many sellers, many of whom have deviated far from Etsy’s original purpose, it can be daunting to even start looking. A Cut Above the Retsy is your solution. The site offers a curated collection of some of the finest Etsy finds out there. It’s Etsy without the clutter. Link

Mammoth & Co.

Located in an 80-year-old barn tucked away near the Pacific Ocean, Mammoth & Co. is not your average gallery. Think less minimal and snooty and more outdoorsy and raw. And that vibe is reflected in a lot of the prints they offer. Whether you choose a man wrestling a bear or Troy Moth’s Bald Eagle shot, you will add some masculinity to your home. Link


With artists from every corner of the globe, the styles and subjects are awesomely diverse on Redbubble. We recommend zoning out and flipping through page after page of prints until one just hits you. With so many unique pieces, you never know what will strike your fancy. Link

Turning Art

No matter how much you love the piece you buy, there will come a day when you’ll be bored by it. It happens. Turning Art is a clever service that actually lets you rent artwork. Pay a monthly fee and swap out pieces when they feel stale. You support the artists by choosing their work, but you’re not locked into a certain painting for the rest of your home’s days. Link


Art collecting is a rich man’s game. Zatista is trying to change that. While they have some pieces that break the thousand dollar ceiling, most of the original art Zatista offers is relatively affordable. Plus, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a certificate of authenticity with every piece, they’re making sure you’re not treated like the guy with empty pockets at Christie’s. Link

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