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Todd Snyder + Timex Blackjack Watch

Todd Snyder + Timex Blackjack Watch

If their previous collaborations weren’t already indication enough, great things happen when Todd Snyder gets access to the Timex archive for crossover timepieces. Like the Mod Watch and the Military Watch that came before, the Todd Snyder + Timex Blackjack Watch is a modern interpretation of a style that pays homage to the original while still being completely new. In the case of the Blackjack Watch this inspiration comes from a sporty 1970s style piece that’s been updated with a modern blackout palette and a dial design that nods “to speed dials and roulette wheels while evoking the noir glamour of fast cars, hot tires and midcentury Monaco casinos.” The black, white, red and blue design, with its bold markers and striking layout, absolutely delivers on everything you look for in an archival update collaboration because it retains the DNA of the original while still being built for everyday wear. The Blackjack Watch from Todd Snyder + Timex is a limited edition piece that will most likely sell out just as quickly as the other collaborations from the iconic brands.

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