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MSCHF Big Red Boot

MSCHF Big Red Boot

This is no joke. MSCHF has made some rubber boots that mimic the ’50s and ’60s manga character Astro Boy’s footwear. Coined simply “Big Red Boot”, that’s pretty much what they are. And they are unbelievably hot across media channels. Worn by musicians, pop stars, models, influencers, you name it, the boots are ubiquitous despite the fact that they are probably seriously bad for your dogs and painfully uncomfortable. Nevertheless, they were the hit of Fashion Week, and there’s no stopping them. The statement brand created them out of TPU rubber with an EVA mid-outsole with a design that’s right out of animation and video games. Whether you tie them to Astro Boy, Mario, One Punch Man, or Boots The Monkey, there’s no question that the Big Red Boot is a bold cultural move whose cartoonish look means you just can’t take yourself too seriously.

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