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HOKA Unveils Ora Recovery Mule Set to Debut in Spring 2024

HOKA has released a new pair of recovery shoes dubbed the Ora Recovery Mules.


If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate blend of comfort and style, HOKA has got your back—literally. The brand renowned for its cloud-like shoes has once again shattered expectations with their latest creation, the HOKA Ora Recovery Mule. Following hot on the heels of the boundary-pushing Ora Primos, these futuristic kicks redefine the concept of footwear yet again.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Ora Recovery Slides, the Ora Recovery Mules sport the same eco-friendly sugarcane EVA midsole and outsole, ensuring a ride that’s as smooth as it is sustainable. But the magic doesn’t stop there—dotted perforations grace the upper, offering a fresh twist on airflow, while a covered toe seals the deal on that unmistakable mule silhouette. And true to HOKA’s commitment to personalized comfort, the insole is removable, allowing wearers to tailor their fit to perfection. With hypebeast vibes in full swing and a colorway that’s as versatile as it is eye-catching, these mules are set to make a splash when they drop stateside this spring. Whether you’re hitting the streets or hitting your stride, the HOKA Ora Recovery Mule promises to elevate your footwear game to new heights.

No pricing or release date has been announced but following their release in Taiwan and elsewhere, we expect it to arrive stateside this spring.