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Ed Sheeran Collaborates with Hodinkee on Limited Edition G-SHOCK Release

Ed Sheeran Collaborates with Hodinkee on Limited Edition G-SHOCK Release

Hodinkee, the ultimate destination for watch aficionados and horology enthusiasts, is back with another remarkable collaboration that’s hitting all the right notes. This time, they’ve partnered with none other than musical sensation Ed Sheeran and the iconic G-SHOCK to unveil the G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract.

Following the astounding success of their previous G-SHOCK collaborations with John Mayer, Hodinkee is expanding its legacy in the world of artist-inspired timepieces. This venture allows creatives to design their very own G-SHOCK collaborations with Hodinkee, under the guiding influence of John Mayer. The first entry into this exciting project is the G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract By Ed Sheeran, a watch that’s been on the radar of watch enthusiasts ever since Ed was spotted wearing it during his U.S. tour. Inspired by Sheeran’s latest album, Subtract, this G-SHOCK showcases a bold and vibrant design that pays homage to Ed’s raw and honest musical expression. With a resin case and strap in a striking yellow hue, an abstract interpretation of Ed’s face on the dial, and subtle design elements from the album cover, it’s a unique blend of horology and artistry.

As Hodinkee and G-SHOCK continue to roll out new artist collaborations in 2023, this limited-edition Ed Sheeran timepiece is your chance to own a piece of musical history and a work of art for your wrist.

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