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Embrace Mediterranean Style With Quince’s Latest Neutral Linen Collection

There's no better way to beat the heat than with some breezy linen.

Embrace Mediterranean Style With Quince’s Latest Neutral Linen Collection

I think at this point we can all agree that the Mediterranean lifestyle is what we all aspire to. A delicious and varied diet of food and drink. Beautiful panoramic views of the sea. A social, interconnected community. And best of all, linen everything. For a long time in my sartorial journey I avoided linen – maybe it was the wrinkly fabric or the inherently foreign nature of the material. Whatever the case, I can’t stop adding linen garments to my closet. Now, Quince has arrived on the scene to fuel my linen addiction with a handsome collection of neutral linen pieces.

The Neutral Collection is perfect for the high temps of summer offering a selection of clothing and homegoods sourced sustainably from Europe and crafted from 100% linen. If you want to go the full Italian summer look you can opt for a matching set of the linen pants and dress shirt. Or you can keep it breezy with the impressively cool linen shorts. And the fun doesn’t stop there – Quince has created a matching linen tote bag for quick trips to the bodega as well as a set of linen napkins to impress your next dinner party guests.

Best of all, Quince offers all of its products at exceptionally low prices, a 50%-60% markdown from traditional retail options. Embrace the Mediterranean look this summer with Quince’s Neutral Linen Collection.