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You Need Some Short Shorts. These Offer the Best Fit and Look

You Need Some Short Shorts. These Offer the Best Fit and Look

Fellas, we need to have a serious talk about our shorts. How many of you are currently wearing a pair of shorts that end at the knees (or, worse, below)? How many of you haven’t reevaluated your shorts game in a few years and might even have a few from high school still shoved in the back of your closet?

Shorts aren’t the most flattering garment on anyone, I’m sorry to say. Good style has a lot to do with proportions, and when you throw on a pair of shorts, you’re cutting off a clean line of your silhouette, making your legs look stumpy and your torso out-of-whack. Many of us have been conditioned to think that men’s shorts should be a modest nine-inch inseam. I’m here to crack that myth and tell you to go short or go home.

Short shorts are a great way to lengthen the look of your legs while also showing a bit of skin. It takes a bit of getting used to, but short shorts can be a flattering enhancement to nearly any body type. A five-inch inseam will also keep you cooler and give you a little bit of breathability for your boys compared to the excess fabric of a longer short.

The Best Men’s Short Shorts

patagonia baggies

Patagonia Baggies

It makes sense why Patagonia’s Baggies have a bit of a cult following. They’ve got a five-inch inseam, but enough room in the thigh for movement and air flow, so you don’t have to worry too much about pinching or discomfort. They’re made from a quick-drying nylon for wearing on a trail or in the pool, while coming in a ton of color options to match your personal style.

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J Crew 5" Flex Khaki Short

J Crew 5” Flex Khaki Short

For a more formal, New England look, these J Crew shorts are a great option. With a tailored fit and a balance of both pastel and muted tones, you can dress it up for a preppy look or keep it casual with a nice cotton sweater on cooler nights.

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todd snyder weekend short

Todd Snyder Weekend Short

It’s hard to emphasize how adaptable these shorts are during the summer. While they may look like a basic lounge short, the quality and construction of Todd Snyder sets these over a more economical option you’d find at a local department store or H&M. Made with a blend of cotton and tencel, you’re looking at a breathable short that maximizes comfort while the muted tones mean you can get away with wearing these in most summer settings.

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A & F 5 inch all day short

A&F 5 Inch All-Day Short

Abercrombie and Fitch has delivered on quality and design over the last few years. Long gone are the days of seagull-blazoned polos from the brand, which has since taken a more style-forward approach to its products. These all-day shorts, with a tailored feel that’s still very casual, shows the direction the brand is heading toward and it’s one that is multifunctional, fashionable, and at a reasonable price.

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birdwell classic corduroy short

Birdwell Classic Corduroy Short

If you’re looking to have a retro feel to your wardrobe, Birdwell is a great option. Inspired by the 1970s coastal culture of California, Birdwell’s corduroy shorts have a great vintage design with large front pockets and open short leg. And don’t be too confused by the use of corduroy here. It’s a rugged fabric that will only get better with age.

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Duvin Design Disco Sport Short

Duvin Design Disco Sport Short

Taking it all the way back to the 60s and 70s is Duvin’s interpretation of the short short. It’s a versatile option both in terms of style and function. With a heavy lean on the vintage, it’s great to pair with a simple t-shirt or wear for a beach weekend. Ostensibly a workout short with an interior liner, it can also double as your everyday lounge short with a pair of sneakers for a day out in the city.

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