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5 Raincoats That Are Just as Stylish as They Are Functional

5 Raincoats That Are Just as Stylish as They Are Functional

A proper rain jacket is one of the five core jacket styles that’s often missing from a man’s wardrobe. But I’m here to tell you that it can make all the difference. I’m not talking about the everyday Harrington jacket you’re throwing on, I’m not even talking about the classic trench. No, no. I’m talking about those old-school style jackets that fishermen and Wes Anderson characters alike seem to love.

There are a lot of great rainproof options out there and I’m not trying to take away from your basic hiking jacket or winter coat that are resistant against the elements. Instead, it’s time to add another layer to your style vocabulary, one that mixes vintage charm with a flattering silhouette for nearly every body type.

How to Style a Raincoat

The first thing to know about styling a raincoat is that you should always buy one size larger than you normally wear. The fabric on most raincoats are made of a nylon or rubberized cotton that’s not as forgiving to excess weight or tugging as other fabrics.

The second thing to consider in styling a jacket is to have fun with it. I think a lot of people fear they’re going to look like a toddler, or that boy who died at the beginning of It, but that’s only if you play into the costume of it. Instead, make it a little more fun by playing into the fisherman history of a raincoat and wear a beret or a knit cap.

Alternatively, you can take cues from Scandinavia, which has a booming rain jacket business, and go with a very simple outfit: dark jeans, a gray or navy jumper, your rain jacket, and you’re on your way.

The Best Rain Jackets For Men


RAINS Jacket

RAINS is as classic as it gets. While the name may seem overly straightforward, it’s easy to love the selection of simple designs and classic silhouettes. The mainstay, Jacket, comes in a variety of colors, each more intriguing than the last, but I’m fond of the green here, which can be paired nicely with the Rain Pants (though, if wearing, I suggest stocking up on some Gold Bond — I doubt they’re very breathable).

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Uniqlo Blocktech Hooded Coat

For a simple design that won’t break the bank, Uniqlo is a top contender for a quality raincoat. The Blocktech fabric is composed of a 2.5-layer poly-cotton blend that’s windproof and water-proof while still being breathable. The design is subtle and front closure is generous at the top to help withstand the elements for your neck and face.

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Stutterheim Stockholm

Those Nordic countries really know what they’re doing when it comes to designing the best raincoats. Stutterheim is a brand with a dry sense of humor (its motto is “Swedish melancholy at its driest”) and an even drier jacket. I love the classic yellow raincoat and the aptly named Stockholm design has all the elements of what you’d have in mind.

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Norwegian Rain Unisex Raincho

If you want to graduate from the classic jacket to something a little more architectural and avant-garde, then look to Norwegian Rain. You can see the design influence of Scandinavia and Japan in nearly every product its put out, and the Raincho is no different. With its generous fit and design elements, including a cashmere-lined collar, horn buttons, and oversized sleeves, it’s a showstopper that will never go out of style.

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Mackintosh Wolfson Hooded Coat

There are three possibilities of what you’ll think of when you hear the word Mackintosh: apples, computers, or jackets. The classic Mack is a must-have on any raincoat round-up worth its salt. The elongated frame and subtle British style makes it a go-to for anyone in the British countryside to stay dry during those rainy months (which is most of them).

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