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You Should Invest In Some Lululemon Shorts. Here’s Where To Start

You Should Invest In Some Lululemon Shorts. Here’s Where To Start

When it comes to working out or even just lounging around the house, not all shorts are created equal. Like pants, choosing from the various styles of athletic shorts on the market really depends on your personal needs. Are you a runner? Shooting hoops? Or want to go for a casual look, mixing a pair of shorty-shorts with a nice sweater?

No matter your reason for grabbing a pair of shorts from your closet, it’s best to go for a high quality product that does it all. And that, my friends, is Lululemon.

It’s fair to say that we, as guys, put our shorts through a lot. After a long day, you’ll definitely appreciate a high-quality fabric and your boys will appreciate some additional support to keep everything in place with some extra breathing room. From the selection of shorts from Lululemon, you’re getting a range of fits that do just that.

While Lululemon already has a substantial following, don’t let the fanfare dissuade you from investing in their great range of shorts. Their substantial market share is earned. With an array of styles, cuts, inseams, and material options, there’s a short that fits your lifestyle and will last wash after wash.

The Best Fits for Any Occasion

For summer style, I’m all about a short short and so I’m usually drawn to a 5” inseam. The mainstay “Bowline” short has a casual feel that can be worn on the trails or out to dinner, giving you more options for wearing your shorts that aren’t just relegated to the musky gym drawer. Instead, with more than 10 color options, it’s a great short to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.


Bowline Short 5″

If you’re a runner, you may want to go for the 3” Fast and Free model. Now, this may be a little too much leg for some, but with its baggy fit, it’s not too constricting, giving you free movement without feeling pinched in. What’s more, it sports a reflective material that’s great for runners to add a level of safety to their wardrobe.

Going the opposite way and gaining some inches on the inseam, Lululemon has a wide selection of options in the 6″ to 8” range. This really is the sweet spot for the brand, too. The range of fits include slim, relaxed, classic, and tight, giving you options for whatever sport you prefer. Not only that, but the colorways offered go from neutral blacks and grays to fluorescent pinks and yellows, so you have the option to keep it subtle or liven it up at your next spin class.

What’s more, this range also includes Lululemon’s own chino short for casual everyday wear. As one of the most popular mens items from the brand, the Commission Classic-Fit 7” short gives the best of both worlds with Lululemon: a casual short for any occasion, produced in an athletic material for allday comfort.

Fabric Choices from Lululemon

Depending on your individual needs, Lululemon’s range of shorts also includes a variety of fabric choices. I briefly touched on them above, but here are some highlights:

  • Everlux: Naturally cooling and moisture-wicking due to the fabric’s use of yarn and double-knit construction
  • Swift: Water repellent and sweat-wicking, this fabric is made for intense workouts while keeping you cool
  • Warpstreme: The best in Lululemon’s lifestyle line of fabrics for its four-way stretch and comfortable feel
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