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J. Hilburn Custom Clothing

J. Hilburn Custom Clothing

It’s no secret that dressing well at the office can impress the higher-ups and lead in part to that corner office and the Don Draper-esque personal secretary.  The problem is most shops sell clothing designed to fit anyone, including a sumo wrestler after a night at The Sizzler.  The only solution to this problem was to spend a monthly paycheck on one shirt from some Italian brand or spend about the same on a custom fitted one.  Thanks to J. Hilburn, the average guy can actually afford to dress well.  The custom clothier set out to offer custom men’s clothing using the fabrics usually reserved for Fifth Avenue at prices that won’t leave you contemplating panhandling as a second job.  Just schedule an appointment to have one of their style advisors near you come get you fitted, they’ll save your info and you grab all the work gear you need.

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