The Coolest Places You Can Visit On Google Street View

You could shell out the cash for a plane ticket and a hotel near any of these places, but it would be far cheaper to take a virtual tour with Google. Thanks to Street View and Business View, some pretty interesting places are just a click away. Here are some of the coolest trips you can tour from the comfort of your desk chair.

Pagani Automobili

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Want to take a look at some of the nicest Italian sports cars made in the last few decades? Google lets you take a stroll around Pagani and even hop behind the wheel of some of the cars in the building.



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We probably wouldn’t plan a trip around checking out the Large Hadron Collider or some of the other things going on at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (probably wouldn’t let us go pushing buttons anyway), but we’d gladly do it from our computer chair. Google will let you don a hard hat and lab coat to take a look around CERN.


Scott’s Hut

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Forget fancy paintings and crazy cars, Scott’s Hut in Antarctica-which was constructed back in the early 1900s-is sparse and beautiful. Full of antique wooden pieces and an exceedingly peaceful view, you don’t even need a down jacket to go explore.


Nasir Al Mulk Mosque

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Want the exact visual opposite of Scott’s hut? Here you go. The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is like candy for your eyes.


Lamborghini Museum

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If the Pagani tour left you wanting more cars, make your next stop the Lamborghini Museum in Italy. Full of classic Lamborghini models you can virtually get up close and personal with.


Ducati Museum

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Four-wheeled vehicles not your cup of tea? Google also allows you to take a quick tour of the Ducati Museum and peruse some of their bikes.


The White House

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No need to win any elections to tour 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you can browse the halls of The White House from home.


Iwami Silver Mine

Claustrophobic? Luckily you’re not actually exploring the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine in-person. The Japanese mine closed up shop back in 1923 but can still be toured with the help of Google.


Smithsonian American Art Museum

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You can tour a decent amount of museums thanks to Google, but perhaps the most visually striking is The Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC. Take a look at some of the finest pieces of American art ever created without having to make your way through a gift shop.



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If you find yourself in London, a dinner at Sarastro is highly recommended. It’s not the food that you’ll remember as much as it is the atmosphere and entertainment. While you can’t hear any live music, you can take a quick peek inside the colorful restaurant thanks to Google Business.


Emirates A380

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It’s not a place you’d go on a trip, but it is one of the sweetest ways you could take said one. The plane has a bar, shower spas, and makes your standard first class seat feel like crap.


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