The Weekend Agenda

Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days. 1 LOOK AT THIS: Gypsiana: Emma Stern Nielsen By Jennifer Stenglein - Visual Optimism 2 WATCH THIS: KUNG FURY Official Movie - Youtube 3 DO THIS: I Started ... continue reading
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Craft Beer Candles SHOP

There's something infinitely satisfying about the nose of a quality beer. Something about the aroma and bouquet of malt and hops that improves the mood, which is why we created our own line of candles based on three of our favorite beer options. The Coffee Stout Candle smells of coffee and chocolate. The West Coast ... continue reading
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Aviator Shorts from Ministry of Supply – A Smarter Pair of Shorts SPONSORED

At some point, guys adopted basketball shorts as appropriate summer attire because of comfort. It's time for a pair of shorts more presentable with the same relaxed feel; it's time for the Aviator Shorts from Ministry of Supply. Thanks to 4-way stretch material and a clever design, the Aviator Shorts will move with you effortlessly. Each pair wicks away moisture to keep you dry, features a urethane waistband that keep shirts tucked in, and is coated with a water-resistant polymer that causes water to bead upon contact. Finally a pair of good-looking shorts that don't feel and act like cardboard. ... check it out
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8 Vintage Rides You Can Buy Right Now

Every couple of weeks, we’re bringing you a roundup of vintage wheels on the auction block that we’re obsessing over. 1965 Cadillac DeVille Hardtop If you’re thinking “damn, that looks like Don Draper’s Cadillac!”, you would be correct. While technically the interior is not the same, the rest is ... continue reading
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Querkles: Paint By Numbers Reinvented

Thomas Pavitte lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, where he's been "making stuff" since 1985. The illustrator's collection of impressive prints and commissioned pieces recently grew with the addition of Querkles, a "puzzling colour by numbers book." The idea is similar to the paint by numbers that you're used ... continue reading
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The Nomad Chair

Named in honor of British military officers stationed at Roorkhee in India, the Roorkhee Chair has been a military classic because it's lightweight, highly portable, very strong and comfortable. This is not that chair. The Nomad Chair is a rediscovered Scandinavian classic inspired by the Roorkhee Chair. The Nomad ... continue reading
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8 Great Summer Watches Around $100

8 Great Summer Watches Around $100 Finding a good summer watch for around $100 is easier than finding a good dress watch for less than $100... but that doesn't mean it's easy. While looking for a timepiece that's less stuffy, built to be knocked around, and able to withstand poolside splashing, you're going ... continue reading
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BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Unveiled

Way back in 1972, the BMW 3.0CSL was made in order to comply with homologation standards for European Touring Car Championship racing. Production on this elongated 3.0CSL was short and ended in 1973 with dramatic body modifications including roof mounted spoiler as well as a batmobile-eque rear spoiler. BMW honors ... continue reading
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Weekly Style Finds

Weekly Style Finds Sifting through menswear trends and labels is too much for the average guy. Why would you want to spend your day researching when you know 99% of the things you’d find you’d never wear? A better option: Weekly Style Finds. Each week we’ll bring you some of our favorite new items so you ... continue reading
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