STEAL: Black Friday Sale SHOP

Right now you're probably stuffing your face with turkey or slowly slipping into a tryptophan coma. Either way, the last thing you want to be thinking about is braving the hoards of sale-hunters that will be out on Black Friday. Skip the big box stores and save on some better gifts this Black Friday from home. From now until 6pm Saturday, you can save on some of our favorite products in the Cool Material Shop. No crowds, no cashiers ready to go ballistic, and no walking up from your post-Thanksgiving slumber early. ... check it out
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The World’s First Smart Headphones

If you thought your next smart device would be slapped on your wrist, Muzik would like to suggest otherwise. The Muzik On-Ear Headphones are the world's first smart pair of cans and they allow you to not only change tracks, adjust the volume, and play and pause your music with a swipe or touch, but also activate Siri ... continue reading
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MeUndies – 20% Off Your First Purchase SPONSORED

MeUndies doesn’t just make the world’s most comfortable underwear. The LA brand, which offers the highest quality underwear and basic apparel money can buy, sells happiness — and the proof is in the stitching.  Made with 100% natural Modal harvested from the Austrian Beechtree, the manufacturing process is completely CO2 neutral and produces a softer than silk yet supportive and perfectly fitting pair of underwear that’ll never ride up and will always keep its shape. Give them a try and get 20% off your first purchase and free shipping in the US and Canada. Not impressed? MeUndies offers a full refund and even lets you keep your first pair. ... check it out
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DIY: Concrete + Iron Pipe Bar Table

Doing It Yourself isn’t always the easiest or cheapest option, but odds are you won’t find anything more satisfying than finishing a DIY project with your own two hands. Each week, we’re going to showcase one cool DIY project tutorial from around the web. Much like the bench we told you about before, every ... continue reading
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Goods: Preppy Watches

Goods: Preppy Watches You need a watch. No, really. Enough with the mindset that your iPhone suffices for a timepiece - it does not. In fact, when someone asks you the time (or moreover, when you need to know what time it is) and you reach for your phone, you are further supporting your own dependence on technology. ... continue reading

Wear This: Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving, in one man’s opinion, is the crowned jewel of all holidays. There are no gifts to worry about, no obnoxious decorations to put up and take down, and no fantastical holiday mascots. Really, your only job is to eat and drink and your biggest worry is whether or not that third helping of stuffing left ... continue reading
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Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout

We've boldly proclaimed that we'd put sriracha on anything. Well, the fine folks at Rogue are set to throw down the gauntlet with the release of Sriracha Hot Stout. While we hadn't imagined splashing our beer with any of the Vietnamese hot sauce, if Rogue's making it, we're game. Details on the brew are still scarce ... continue reading

Tuesday Link Roundup

1 Learn How to Shoot Models Like Van Styles - Skillshare 2 What You Need to Deep Fry a Turkey - Cool Material 3 Lil Wayne - Start a Fire - Complex 4 Hipster Business Name Generator - Hipster Business Name 5 The History of Levi's Advertising in 3 Minutes - Fast Company 6 Making a PornBurger - National ... continue reading
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Gift Guide: Outdoors

Gift Guide: Outdoors Only the boldest of explorers go out this time of year, but if you have someone on your list already craving a return to Mother Nature’s embrace, you can help them gear up for their next adventure before the weather turns. Here are a few of our favorite items that make perfect gifts for ... continue reading
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The Tool Pen SHOP

If you’re going to drop a pen in your pocket for unexpected note taking, you may as well choose one that can come in handy in other situations. This Multifunction Tool Pen isn’t just a trusty writing instrument, it also includes both a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver, a level, a stylus, an eraser, and a ruler. Available as either a ballpoint pen or an inkball, the Multifunction Tool Pen is like keeping a tiny tool kit in your shirt pocket. ... check it out
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Skate Shoes of the 90s

After we graduated from a tricycle, and then from a bike, our next mode of transportation was a skateboard. And with that upgrade came some new footwear we felt enhanced our ollies and kickflips. To celebrate all the Vans, Etnies, and DC Shoes that graced our feet during that time, graphic designer Nathan Manire created ... continue reading