Tasting the Rarest Beer From America’s Best Brewery
Tasting the Rarest Beer From America’s Best Brewery
DIY Loft Kit

DIY Loft Kit

You don't appreciate space until you've lived in a studio in the city. You become a master at utilizing every square inch of your pad. But once you'v...

  • The Leesa: An Affordable, High-Quality Mattress

    The Leesa: An Affordable, High-Quality Mattress

    To justify higher prices, mattress companies have been introducing new features - but has your sleep actually improved? It's time for an affordable, well-made mattress that will deliver a good night's sleep. Leesa mattresses are 100% American-made, sold exclusively online without the pressure of a salesperson standing over you, and designed for all types of sleepers. And because there's no middleman, they pass on the savings to you. Mattresses ship compressed in a box directly to your door, and Leesa even offers a 100-night risk-free trial. Plus, for every 10 sold, they'll donate a mattress to a shelter in need. Check out leesa.com/coolmaterial to receive $75 off your order....

  • Giveway: Star Wars BB-8 Droid by Sphero

    Giveway: Star Wars BB-8 Droid by Sphero

    In a little over two months, we'll be graced with a new Star Wars movie. And with every new Star Wars movie we receive, along come enough new toys to fill the Millennium Falcon. For all the figures and plastic lightsabers, there's one toy we actual want—and so does everyone else, seeing as how it sold out immediately: the BB-8 Droid from Sphero. This pint-size version of Poe Dameron's robotic sidekick is controlled through an app, creates holographic messages, and can even run autonomously. But forget hitting Toys"R"Us right when a shipment comes in, we've got three of the toy droids to give away. Giveaway: To win the droid you're looking for, follow the steps below. The more acti...

  • The Sunday Hangover

    The Sunday Hangover

    It's been a rough couple of nights. Get a greasy sandwich and give your brain a rest. it's time to kick back with some of our favorite videos and visuals from the past week....