The Highest Rated Beer From Every State

Break out a pint glass, it's time to knock back some state pride. We pulled data from BeerAdvocate and sifted through it all to find the highest rated beer every state has ever produced. To be included, each beer needed to receive at least 50 reviews. Some of these you can find in bottle shops, some you have to ... continue reading
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Climb a Mountain with Conrad Anker SPONSORED

Hemingway said that "auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports ... all others are games." Sometimes lost in the excitement of action sports is the true danger they possess. Mountain climber Conrad Anker knows this firsthand because an avalanche killed his best friend while Anker ... continue reading
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The EOY Overstock Sale SHOP

Holiday shopping madness is over and we're left with some stock that we'd rather not have come January. That means deals for our readers. Hit the Overstock Sale page in our shop and grab an item or two. They'll be going quick. ... check it out
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NikeLab All Condition Gear

Nike has always been a company that equally valued form and function, but their new NikeLab All Condition Gear (ACG) collection weighs heavily on the functional side of the scale. Working with renowned Berlin designer Errolson Hugh, ACG marries crazy materials like Tech Fleece, Dri-FIT Wool and Flyknit with technically ... continue reading
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Gift Guide: Last Minute Amazon Prime

Gift Guide: Last Minute Amazon Prime Okay, so you didn’t do any shopping yet. Remain calm and take a deep breath. While you have the option of dealing with the mall and all the underwhelming gifts it has to offer, there’s still another way you can go: Amazon Prime. With a Prime account, you can still snag ... continue reading
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The Sunday Hangover

1 Victoria’s Secret Holiday Shots - Instagram 2 Rusty Rods on the Highway - The Guardian 3 A Flush Screw Is So Satisfying - Sploid 4 The Real Kenny Powers? - Vice 5 The Most Amazing Science Photographs of the Year - io9 6 Making a Paper Mache Dragon - Digg 7 The 50 Coolest Men of 2014 - Cool Material 8 ... continue reading
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Red Wing Work Chukka In Charcoal

Chukka boots were once worn by British forces in World War II. The desert boot was designed to be lightweight with a strong grip to stand up to the rigors of desert warfare. For a style with that kind of history, it seems a lot of it was forgotten in the name of style. Red Wing has brought durability back to the chukkka. ... continue reading
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Wear This: Home for the Holidays SPONSORED

It’s time to warm up the car, grab a bottle of something nice, and head home for the holidays. Before you hop behind the wheel, however, make sure you’re dressed the part. We’re not talking stuffy sweaters and pleated khakis like when you were a kid, we’re talking good-looking gear that’s holiday appropriate. ... continue reading

DIY: Wooden Triangle Shelves

Doing It Yourself isn’t always the easiest or cheapest option, but odds are you won’t find anything more satisfying than finishing a DIY project with your own two hands. Each week, we’re going to showcase one cool DIY project tutorial from around the web. You don't have to look too far to realize that geometric ... continue reading
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American Sniper – Official Trailer 2

If the first trailer for American Sniper turned you into a ball of nerves, the second will do little to unknot that mess. Whereas the first look really focused on one scene, the second trailer takes you deeper inside the emotions of Chris Kyle throughout the film. We're canceling Christmas plans just to go see it.
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Ulock Unlocks With Your Smartphone

The U-Lock has been a staple bike lock for as long as we can remember for a few reasons. Most importantly, the horseshoe shape and bulky locking mechanism are serious deterrents for the would be thief eyeballing your sweet new fixie. While they might be bulky, they're still easy enough to carry in a bag or stuck through ... continue reading
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