Every week there are dozens of new and exciting pieces of gear. But are they actually worth buying? Trust the team at Cool Material to help you find the latest and greatest releases in a recurring column: What We’re Buying.


Mack Weldon Tech Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

“I have always loved cashmere sweaters but found them generally too warm. Plus, they tend to pill, and they also have to be dry cleaned. Ugh. I picked up Mack Weldon’s Tech Cashmere V-Neck sweater, and it changes the cashmere sweater game by blending it with merino wool and lining it with cotton. The result is a truly decadent, warm, moisture-wicking, and brilliantly temperature-regulating sweater that you can wear with a t-shirt or under a blazer. It’s odor resistant, as well. Although I have yet to do it, the sweater is machine washable, making it the most pragmatic of cashmere sweaters.” Buy: $188

Amos Kwon, Auto/Watches Editor


Winn Hanging Wine Glass Rack

“I’ve collected a modest collection of stemmed wine glasses and beer tekus. And, sadly, proper glassware takes up quite a bit of cabinet space. So, to clear some clutter on the shelves I purchases this hanging glass rack and it did the trick. Now, my glasses have a dedicated space above the sink and they look fantastic.” Buy: $34

John A. Paradiso, Managing Editor


Todd Snyder X Clarks Shearling Wallabee

“I’m a big fan of Clarks and my Wallabee’s were starting to look rather shabby. The unevenly worn sole and scruffed suede I liked, but the wine stains were too much. Just as I was about to purchase a new pair Todd Snyder dropped these gems. Not too light, not too dark. Just the right amount of hair on the suede. And the shearling lining makes it feels like you’re walking on clouds.” Buy: $250

Tim Jacobsen, Co-Founder


King and Fifth Amrap

“We’ve built a gym outside our farmhouse and heat did not come included. So whether I am on the bike, or lifting weights, I need to layer up. A key part of my layer strategy is the King and Fifth Amrap hats. They are made with CoolMax fiber that transfers heat and keeps my ears warm. The hat is snug and super comfortable and I usually forget I’m wearing it. According to King and Fifth, that’s the point. The hats are designed to be one less distraction, and one less excuse so you can push harder and go further. That’s a great fit for me – I’m sure it will be for you too.” Buy: $32

Sean Ryan, Co-Founder

Copy of 600_200

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