Every week there are dozens of new and exciting pieces of gear. But are they actually worth buying? Trust the team at Cool Material to help you find the latest and greatest releases in a recurring column: What We’re Buying.


Outdoor Fellow Island Escapes Candles

“In Chicago, it’s still chilly, but Outdoor Fellow’s new Island Escapes candles set my mind on warmer climes, and it’s just what the doctor ordered for great aromatherapy. I nabbed the collection to get through the long doldrums of winter that somehow extend into April here, and the Maui Scented Candle has me longing for relaxation on the beach with pineapple, lava ash, and oakmoss scents. I have yet to light up the others, but I don’t want to get through all of them before the chill wears off.” Buy: $36

Amos Kwon, Auto/Watches Editor


Tequila Ocho Reposado Barrel Select Widow Jane 2022

“I’m a blanco tequila guy. Barrels generally take away, more than add, to an agave spirit in most cases, in my opinion. Tequila Ocho, however, makes sure that doesn’t happen. The Tequila Ocho Reposado Barrel Select Widow Jane 2022 is aged for eight weeks and eight days (see: “Ocho” in the name) in barrels previously used by Brooklyn’s Widow Jane Distillery. At 45.5 percent ABV (91 proof), it’s an easy sipper that brings a hint of the vanilla and calming effects from the oak aging while still letting the agave shine through–a crucial component considering Tequila Ocho focuses on bottlings made from one farm, in this case Rancho El Nacimiento.” Buy: $100

Nickolaus Hines, Features Editor


Moscot Boychik Glasses

“I woke up this morning with a pair of broken glasses, a lower Uber rating, and lots of questions that I may not want answered. Lucky for me Moscot has the model name, color, and size etched into the frames and my prescription in their system. A new pair is already in the air and I’m downloading the Lyft app for a fresh new start.” Buy: $320

Tim Jacobsen, Co-Founder


Tuscany by John Carroll Kirby

“The last thing I need is another LP, but I couldn’t help myself when it was announced that John Carrol Kirby’s 2019 opus Tuscany would be repressed for the final time this year. Kirby is a modern piano maestro, delivering deeply complex improvisations that transport and inspire. On Tuscany, Kirby brings us to the Italian countryside, where he spent time crafting this neoclassical arrangement. It’s the perfect record for thoughtful meditation on a quiet morning.” Buy: $24


TCX Climatrek Surround GTS Boots

“A good pair of motorcycle boots is a must when the season starts. It can get wet and muddy in the spring and the wrong boots can screw up the ride. I picked up a pair of TCX Climatrek Surround GTS boots that are as good off the bike as they are on. Gore-Tex keeps the nasty stuff out while allowing your dogs to breathe, and the balance of stiffness and comfort is spot-on. The boots are also well-ventilated for higher temps. I especially love the Groundtrax sole that’s grippy on the pedals and tractable while walking. On top of that, no one will guess that they’re motorcycle boots, so wearing them on a night out with jeans and a leather jacket doesn’t require a bike at all.” Buy: $260


Akari 1A Lantern

“One of the godfathers of modernist design, Isamu Noguchi is probably best known these days for his impressive tables. But, as you can see, his lamps also slap too (and all for a fraction of the price). Inspired by the lanterns used by night fisherman during his trip to Gifu, Japan in 1951, Noguchi combined this traditional Japanese craft with his own modernist style to create a timeless line dubbed Akari Light Sculptures. Small enough for an end table but strong enough to replace any floor lamp, the Akari 1A is the perfect entry point into your world of Noguchi.” Buy: $175

Eric Lacy, Graphic Designer


The Grand Unified Theory of Bullshit

“While there’s absolutely nothing positive about finally catching the ‘Rona, it did give me plenty of time to catch up on my reading list. One of the first things I knocked out was The Grand Unified Theory of Bullshit, an easy-reading tome dedicated to skepticism and critical thinking from podcast phenoms Tom & Cecil of “Cognitive Dissonance” and fourteen or so other podcasts I don’t feel like typing out here. It’s essential reading from a critical thinking perspective, but it’s also fun, informative, and filled with ways to cleverly start arguments with your loved ones.” Buy: $19

Ben Dahl, Senior Editor


Sennelier Watercolor Set

“To relax, I enjoy doing little watercolor doodles and, now that my novel has been submitted, I have a bit more free time on my hands. I recently bought this 48-piece set of watercolors from iconic French brand, Sennelier. What sets these paints apart is that they are mixed with honey, so they have a luscious feel when painting while also keeping vibrant colors, even with a lot of water mixed in. I think they’re the perfect paint for hobbyists (like myself) and expert artists alike.” Buy: $206

Brett Braley-Palko, Style Editor

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