Every week there are dozens of new and exciting pieces of gear. But are they actually worth buying? Trust the team at Cool Material to help you find the latest and greatest releases in a recurring column: What We’re Buying.


Flint and Tinder 10-Year Pullover

“It’s that time of year when I need something quick to throw on before taking the dogs out in the morning. I’ve never really been a hoodie type of guy, but the 10-Year Pullover in heather grey has converted me. It’s fitted enough for smart-looking casual wear for errands or a quick brewery stop. Best of all it hits that sweet spot where it’s not so light that I need a jacket over the top when it’s in the mid 50s, and not so heavy that I start sweating shortly after getting inside. The tighter trim means it’ll layer seamlessly in colder months, though. Plus, the kangaroo pocket is big enough to hold mini fall morning harvests of squash and tomatoes. I’ve got a lot of years to go to really put the 10 Year part of the name to the test, but it’s already worked its way into my morning rotation.” Buy: $98

Nickolaus Hines, Features Editor


Casamara Club Aperitivo Sodas

“As much as I adore Italian aperitivi, it’s hard to justify enjoying Aperol, Campari, or any other aperitivo every single night. When I’m craving that bracing, refreshing bitterness without the booze, I crack open a bottle of Casamara Club. This ‘leisure soda’ brand has managed to capture the botanical goodness of Italian spirits without any of the alcohol. It’s a delicious, low-sugar fizzy drink that let’s me maintain my appreciation for Aperitivo Hour without the alcohol. Pro tip: pair this with a homemade Italian sandwich (don’t skimp on the giardiniera) for a truly transportive culinary experience.” Buy: $54 (Case of 12)

John A. Paradiso, Managing Editor


Fulton Insoles

“I have a love/hate relationship with my custom orthotics. I pretty much have to wear them all the time, especially during pounding workouts, and they make a world of difference when it comes to support and pain mitigation. But they cost as much as a nice watch (more money wasted!). Instead of plunking hundreds down for new custom orthotics, I’ve opted for Fulton’s cork insoles because of their ability to conform to the sole of my foot. They have the right combo of firmness and shock absorption along with great stability and arch support. I’ve been wearing them for a month during long walks and tough workouts, and they haven’t let me down yet They’re made with cork and other plant-based materials for excellent sustainability, as well. My feet are pretty happy.” Buy: $48

Amos Kwon, Auto/Watches Editor


Novel Mart Croissant Jumper

“I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily a breakfast person, but I never turn down a croissant. Whether it’s chocolate, almond, or simple butter, I wear the flake pastry crumbs with pride once I’m done digging into my third one at the local French bakery. This sweatshirt by Novel Mart was definitely on my list to buy for the approaching winter and I’m excited to wear it on Sunday mornings when I’m a bit lazy and enjoying a pain au chocolat with my second espresso of the morning.” Buy: $56

Brett Braley, Style Editor


The Lincoln Waistcoat Army Green

“I found &Sons by accident but isn’t that the best way sometimes? Like a nice surprise to start your day. My first reaction was that I simply wanted to look as cool as the guys on the site. I’ve got a long way to go. As I walked around the digital store, I saw the Lincoln Waistcoat. First, the waistcoat is a much cooler name than the vest and this particular army green one has become my de facto uniform for teaching. It’s rugged and made of a cotton twill fabric that makes it seem heavier – less of an addition to your outfit and more of the main feature. The coat has these great four-button fastenings and a simple pocket to drop my farsighted glasses in so that I can focus on the class when the bell rings. You can only imagine the new wardrobe options that a waistcoat like this can open up. Get yours here.” Buy: $67

Sean Ryan, Co-Founder

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