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Casio Celebrates 50 Years of the Casiotron With a Limited-Edition Collection of Futuristic Watches

50 years ago, the Casiotron changed the timepiece landscape.


In 1974, Casio revolutionized the watch world by introducing the Casiotron, the first digital watch with an automatic calendar function. This game-changing timepiece tracked seconds, minutes, and hours, while also displaying the month, date, and day of the week, even adjusting for shorter months. Upon its release, the Casiotron was a luxury item, priced at ¥58,000 (~$369 back then, or about $2,350 today). Fast forward fifty years, and Casio is celebrating this iconic release with the 50th Anniversary Sky and Sea Series, a limited edition collection that’s both a nod to the past and a leap into the future.

Inspired by the “Sky and Sea” concept, the series features the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000SS-2, the Edifice ECB-2000SS-2A, and the PRO-TEK PRW-61SS-2. Anchoring the lineup is the modernized Casiotron TRN-50SS-2A, complemented by the solar-powered BABY-G BGA-S290SS for women. Each watch is adorned in a stunning blue and gold colorway and boasts unique updates while paying homage to the original Casiotron. From the bare alloy finish of the G-SHOCK to the bio-resin construction of the PRO-TEK, every detail celebrates Casio’s legacy of innovation. Available in June, this limited edition series is set to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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