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Natural beauty has drastically been reduced due to overpopulation, deforestation, and the bureaucratic red tape of corporate land ownership. Many the modern man will never get to be the explorer of yore. But now, White Desert’s Echo experience may be able to give us a taste of what our forefathers were able to experience: real adventure.

White Desert’s third campsite location, called Echo, will be a sustainably-driven experiential vacation for those willing to traverse the interior landscape of the world’s great and mysterious continent of Antarctica. A warren of futuristic pods dots the white landscape, giving a Kubrick feel to the serenity that lays around it.

These pods, thank God, have all the modern amenities we’ve come to enjoy (like, say, heat, running water, comfortable pillows, and a toilet). With ceiling-high windows, one gets to wake up and experience the vistas that are nearly otherworldly before a day of hiking, biking, or exploring nearby ice caves.

White Desert launches this autumn with prices around $65,000 per person.

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