Do you remember what you used to dream about as a child? The fountains of chocolate milk, the futuristic hover boards, the game room filled to the brim with every console and game we ever wanted… We all wanted to live like kings. But perhaps our most grandiose dream was to build and live in an incredible treehouse, made just for us.  One so large that it made our bedrooms look like matchboxes. Luckily, being an adult means that we can now finally live out some of our dreams. Here are the most incredible treehouses you can rent on Airbnb right now. We still can’t help with the chocolate milk fountains, though.


The White Lotus

Built on a 21-acre farm retreat in Stanardsville, Virginia, the White Lotus Tree House & Skywalk is absolutely gorgeous. The multi-floor tree dwelling includes a full bedroom, a lighted lounge, a full bath, a kitchen, a beautiful skywalk, and just about everything else we’d want from a treehouse. It’s also super close to Shenandoah National Park, numerous ponds for canoeing, trails, a Frisbee golf course and more. $100


Cabane Monbazillac

Less of a treehouse and more of a tree-fucking-castle, Cabane Monbazillac is located in the beautiful Nojals-et-Clotte section of Aquitaine, France. The treehouse accommodates two and includes one bedroom, a full bath, a spa, a massive deck with panoramic views of the forest, a hot tub, heated infinity pool, and more. At $275 a night it’s a little on the pricier side, but we’d say it’s worth every penny to stay in this amazingly French treecastle. $273


Secluded Intown Treehouse

When we think of Atlanta, treehouses are probably the very last thing that comes to mind. But lo and behold, this magnificent treehouse—complete with drawstring bridge—is located minutes from Atlanta’s downtown. It has three rooms, each connected by bridge, along with beautiful balconies, a deck built around a gorgeous 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine, a bedroom with double bed, rustically beautiful old furnishings, and views that really can’t be beat. According to the property’s friendly owners, Katie and Peter, in January 2016 the treehouse was named Airbnb’s #1 most wish-listed property in the world. $350


Rainforest Tree House with Hot Springs

Everything about this treehouse—from its location, to the hand-woven wooden enclosures on the sprawling wrap-around deck—is absolutely perfect. Located right in the middle of a 35-acre rainforest preservation in Costa Rica, the treehouse features three beds for up to four people, a full bath, a small kitchen, and a balcony that literally wraps around the entire space. The décor is classic and simple, but perhaps the most notable thing here is the gorgeous wood-paneled windows and beautiful woodwork enclosures on the balcony. Guests receive access to the property’s natural hot springs and full-access to the 35 acres of rainforest at no extra cost, making this place an adventurer’s dream. $129


BKK Riverside House

As any well-traveled man will tell you, Bangkok, Thailand, is a pretty wild place, full of all different types of ridiculous things to do and see. That said, you wouldn’t really expect to find a treehouse there, but whatever. Probably better described as a fortress than house, BKK Riverside House offers multiple floors and a massive suspended walkway, and features modern design elements that you’d expect more in a city condo. The house also comes with AC, a beautiful outdoor shower, a full bed, natural hardwood floors throughout, and even a work area with Wi-Fi and a computer. Oh, and “a toilet unlike any you’ve ever seen,” whatever that means. $123


Treehouse Blue Mountains

You’ll pay $743 a night to stay in this gorgeous tree house in Bilpin, NSW, Australia, and the minute you step foot inside, you’ll understand why. Hardwood abounds in this absolutely gorgeous property, located right in the thick of the private wilderness of Blue Mountains and nestled between two national parks and a World Heritage-listed rainforest. Aside from the incredible view, seen through stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, this treehouse offers a full bed, a beautiful bathroom with lay-in bathtub, a deck overlooking the Blue Mountains, a gnarly skywalk leading up to the house, and a huge common space complete with wooden table and chair.  There’s also soft leather couch, a fireplace, and beautiful hardwood flooring throughout. Modern and sleek, yet exceptionally rugged and unrefined. $749


Hapaku Lodge Tree House

Last, but absolutely not least, the Hapuku Lodge Tree House in Haikoura, Canterbury, New Zealand, offers guests the best of both worlds: beautiful panoramic vistas of the Kaikoura Mountains in the front, and views out to the Pacific Ocean in the back. The space resembles a luxury hotel room, with its fully furnished lounge area with cobblestone fireplace, hardwood and carpet throughout, full bath with stone floors and tub, full kitchen, etc. The coolest thing about this treehouse is that it’s suspended more than 30 feet off the ground, making the view and experience simply spectacular. $822

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