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Tom Sachs is doubling down on his earlier NFT project, Rocket Factory, with the release of the Rocket Factory Fanny Pack. You might ask what a fanny pack has to do with NFTs, which is a great question that mixes 90s fashion and 2020s tech trends. The answer is that the fanny pack is only available to NFT owners. Why that’s the case can only be answered by Tom Sachs himself. Material-wise, the bag is unique. It’s made of Dyneema®, a composite material touted for its strength and durability. It’s not quite a fabric, but will turn into something that feels closer to fabric the more it’s used and abused, kind of like high-quality leather. It feels like a bit of a stretch to call this thing a fanny pack since it can fit a standard letter-size clipboard, an iPad, and a 13-inch MacBook (all at once, if we’re reading the description right). Maybe chalk that up to an artist’s creative liberties.


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