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Rimowa Debuts Hammerschlag Luggage Collection

The Hammerschlag Luggage Collection from Rimowa is a new direction for the beloved suitcase makers.


Rimowa’s latest offering, the Hammerschlag Collection, is a departure from the brand’s signature vertically-grooved exteriors, but it’s a move that’s turning heads in the world of travel gear. Drawing inspiration from a classic Rimowa carry case dating back to 1966, the Hammerschlag Collection boasts a stunning hammered metal-like textured, polished aluminum exterior that exudes both retro charm and modern sophistication.

But it’s not just about looks—this collection is all about the details. Inside, you’ll find twill interiors accented with luxurious leather zipped compartments and vintage-inspired hooks paired with compression straps for optimal organization. Leather grab handles and special cognac leather luggage tags add an extra touch of elegance. Limited to just 1,898 pieces for the 31L Cabin model and 996 examples for the Hand-Carry Case, these pieces are sure to become coveted collectors’ items.

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