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When DJI released the Phantom 3 Drone, we told you they were the Apple of drones. If that Phantom 3 was the iPhone 6, the new Phantom 3 Standard is the iPhone 5S. It might not have all the same hardware or the same fancy specs, but it will get the job done quite well. Most importantly, it’s a good entry-level option for those of us that don’t want to drop over a grand when we know nothing about drones. What do you get with the most accessible drone on the market? 2.7k HD video at 30fps using a 94-degree distortion-free lens. 12mp still images in DNG Raw and JPG. Integrated WiFi range extender in the remote controller. GPS-based stabilization and 25 minute flight times. In other words, you get the perfect entry-level drone at a fraction of the cost of its big brother.


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