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Rabbit R1 AI Assistant

Hot off the CES stage, the Rabbit R1 has stormed into the tech scene, creating a buzz that matches its lightning-fast sales.

Rabbit R1 AI Assistant

Unveiled just days ago, this pocket-sized wonder, dubbed the AI assistant of the future, already boasts a sold-out status with its initial 10,000 units flying off the shelves within a mere 24 hours. The intrigue around this gadget centers on its personalized operating system, responding to your every command through intuitive voice controls.

What sets the Rabbit R1 apart is its ingenious push-to-talk button reminiscent of a walkie-talkie, allowing users to effortlessly manage their apps using custom scripts, or “rabbits,” without fumbling for their smartphone. Navigating the 2.88-inch touchscreen is a breeze with the analog scroll wheel, while a game-changing 360-degree rotating camera captures photos from every conceivable angle. The demand shows no signs of slowing down, with the latest batch up for pre-order for $200.

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