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Humane AI Pin

Humane AI Pin

Introducing the future of tech convenience: Humane’s AI Pin. Born from the minds of ex-Apple designers envisioning a world liberated from constant smartphone dependency, this compact, chest-worn AI assistant is a game-changer. The AI Pin redefines connectivity, offering a myriad of functions—from texting to calls, even snapping photos or recommending nutritional choices. Its tech prowess, packed into a small form, heralds a paradigm shift away from handheld screens.

But don’t let its size fool you. Need a display? The Ai Pin’s interactive Laser Ink Display projects onto your hand, blending cutting-edge innovation with practicality. Available from November 16th, this ingenious device operates via a $24 monthly subscription, promising an escape from the smartphone vortex.

Humane’s AI Pin marks a significant leap towards a more liberated, hands-free tech experience, all while redefining the way we interact with and rely on our devices.

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