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Pro-Ject x Metallica Limited Edition Turntable

Pro-Ject x Metallica Limited Edition Turntable

Calling all record collectors. If you’re looking to upgrade your turntable selection, we’ve got the record player for you. The audio tech wizards at Pro-Ject, makers of some of our favorite turntables, have teamed up with Metallica for a bonkers limited edition record player due out later this summer. The Metallica Limited Edition Turntable is designed in honor of the band’s iconic Star logo and is built around a massive MDF plinth. Handmade in Europe, this turntable sports a heavy glass platter, S-shaped aluminum tonearm, precision belt-drive with electronic speed control, and more. So while it looks seriously impressive, rest assured that it’ll perform just as well. Release details have not been confirmed but Pro-Ject has priced this turntable at $1,599. No specific production numbers were revealed but we expect they’ll be available in very limited quantities and will likely sell out quickly.

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