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Prinker Temporary Tattoo Device

Prinker Temporary Tattoo Device

Introducing the Prinker Temporary Tattoo Device, your ultimate canvas for experimentation in ink. Unlike traditional tattoos, Prinker lets you take your potential ink for a test drive before committing. Priced at the cost of a quality tattoo session, this device empowers you to upload your design, apply the included skin primer, and effortlessly print your creation in black ink. Whether you’re refining your tattoo ideas or expressing your spontaneous creativity, Prinker is your risk-free ink playground. Each tattoo lasts up to two days, easily washed away with soap and water. With the ability to print tattoos up to 0.866 inches wide and 39 inches long, Prinker redefines the tattoo experience, making it as dynamic and changeable as your personal style. Get ready to ink without boundaries!

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