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Nomad Base One MagSafe Charger

Nomad Base One MagSafe Charger

We’ve long trusted Nomad to deliver excellent tech accessories. Their minimalist approach to design has always been a perfect fit for the sleek products from Apple. It only makes sense that their newly released official MagSafe charger would be just as impressive. The Base One charger is elegant and simple with a weighted metal body and an elevated glass panel. It offers 15W charging speed working with any MFi MagSafe or Qi device like the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, or Airpods. The Base One is available in two colorways – Carbide or an all-white Silver – to match your preferred aesthetic. The anti-slip rubber base and weighted design mean your charger won’t move around on your desk when you grab your phone. Nomad does not include a 30W USB-C Power Adapter but assuming you have one already at home, you can use the Base One right out of the box.

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