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Barebones Outdoor Power Bank

Barebones Outdoor Power Bank

These days, portable chargers are ubiquitous to the point that you might not worry about running out of battery on your phone. But, if you need to charge something more powerful than your phone or a Bluetooth speaker you’d usually be out of luck. Barebones has released a 10,000 mAh portable power bank for all your outdoor electrical needs. This vintage-styled charger includes an LED flashlight, USB-A and USB-C outputs, and a USB-C charging cable. After charging for about four and a half hours, the Barebones Power Bank can provide 10 hours of power for all your camping or backyard party equipment. Plus, the mixed-metal design and matte color options keep the Power Bank sleek and stylish with a distinctly vintage feel. Stay prepared for emergency situations or power those string lights in your backyard with the Barebones Power Bank.

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