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There have been quite a few different pieces of robotic technology released in the past month that are nothing short of astounding. Unlike those projects that have centered on transportation and workplace applications, Open Bionics is looking to put their advanced technology to work doing good with their Hero Arm Bionic Prosthesis. Obviously it’s not a robot in a traditional sense, but the technology is so advanced it kind of seems like that. The Hero arm is the “world’s first medically certified 3D-printed bionic arm, with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics.” It’s equipped with haptic vibrations, beepers, buttons and lights for notifications, along with special sensors that detect muscle movements, which means the user can effortlessly control the bionic hand with intuitive, life-like precision. The end result is one of the most life-like and functional prosthetics we’ve ever seen. As the British company likes to say, “Welcome to the future, where disabilities are superpowers.”


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