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ESR Makes MagSafe Charging Easier, Faster and Cooler Than Ever

ESR Makes MagSafe Charging Easier, Faster and Cooler Than Ever

For more than a decade, ESR has been making tech easier with an expansive line of quality gear and accessories primarily aimed at mobile devices. Their same commitment to quality, style and innovation continues with their newest collection of Apple-Certified, Made for MagSafe chargers that will ensure you’re juiced up as fast as possible. While they made all three of the new options as svelte and sleek as a charger possibly can be, it’s the underlying technology and ease-of-use that’s the real game changer. Check out more on ESR’s 15W Car Charger with MagSafe + CryoBoost, 25W 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe + CryoBoost and the 100W 6-in-1 Charging Station with MagSafe + CryoBoost.

Before we get into the individual devices, we need to talk about the previously mentioned tech that makes them so incredible. As we’re sure you’re aware, Apple’s MagSafe technology uses a ring of magnets to grab and align your phone for wireless charging. Made for MagSafe certified devices (like all of these ESR options) have been officially tested by Apple and can utilize full-speed 15W fast charging for iPhone. That means you’re getting the fastest charging possible right at your fingertips–without having to use your hands or a cable–but that kind of power also leads to more heat. That’s where ESR CryoBoost comes in.

CryoBoost is ESR’s answer to the heat problem–a phone-cooling fan and heat-dissipating components that keep your phone and its battery cool with a constant flow of cooling air. By keeping your phone below 98°F during charging (other MagSafe options heat to over 108°F), CryoBoost maximizes charging speed instead of having to throttle it to prevent overheating. In other words, ESR MagSafe + CryoBoost chargers are more efficient, more protective of your devices and better designed than the other options on the market. Let’s run through all three new options so you can find out which one is right for you.

Best Car Charging Option: 

ESR 15W Car Charger with MagSafe + CryoBoost – $105.99

When it comes to car charging, we want a few things: speed, visibility and stability. This ESR option does it all. Full 15W charging with CryoBoost. Simple clip-in vent mounting that makes it easy to read your screen. A bottom stabilizer that keeps your phone, and the charger secure. It’s even easier to move from car to car if necessary.

Best Home Charging Option:

ESR 25W 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe + CryoBoost – $119.99

Whether you put your everyday gear on your nightstand, a counter or near the door, this ESR charger will find a place there. It simultaneously charges your iPhone (with the same 15W full-speed MagSafe + CryoBoost), Apple Watch and AirPods, which means your EDC tech essentials are charged and ready-to-go whenever you are.

Best Office Charging Option:

ESR 100W 6-in-1 Charging Station with MagSafe + CryoBoost + Advanced GaN Technology – (preorder on Kickstater) $143+

We love the way all our Apple devices communicate seamlessly, but the charging situation once you start mixing iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Apple Watch, Magic Trackpad and MacBooks together is a nightmare. Until now! This officially-certified, all-in-one charger (the world’s first!) can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously which means all your Apple products are covered without having to use a separate power strip with 6 different cables.  Lock in early bird pricing when you back their Kickstarter today.

At the end of the day, investing in Apple products involves a fair bit of coin. Maximize their efficiency, lifespan and the time you can use them–without sacrificing convenience–by upgrading your charging setup with all of ESR’s incredible MagSafe with CryoBoost options.  Plus, Cool Material readers get 10% off with the code ESRPR10OFF.