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8 New Apps You Should Know

8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.


Somewhere between Minecraft and the original Zelda you’ll find Crashlands, the game that’s aptly described as a “story-driven crafting RPG overflowing with sass!” With over 500 craftable items, an infinite inventory, sidekicks, four races, three continents, and a story that’s, quite honestly, completely ridiculous, this playable tale centered on galactic delivery truck driver Flux Dabes is sure to entertain you for countless commutes, meetings and/or bathroom breaks. iTunes Android

Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet has been publishing guides that give us the lowdown on the best places to spend our vacation time and money for over four decades. Guides is a downloadable, offline accessible collection of that information for close to forty cities ranging from London and New York to Kyoto and Montreal. Guides gives you access to in-depth information about places to see, eat, sleep, shop, drink and play written by the same on-the-ground experts that make Lonely Planet the go-to travel site when you’re adventuring somewhere new. iTunes Android


If you’re anything like us, checking out the local breweries at any destination is a top priority. The web app HopPlotter is the perfect tool for just such an endeavor because it will take any location and give you all the surrounding breweries. But they don’t stop there, because HopPlotter gives you favorite beers, Yelp and Untappd ratings, business information, social media links and the ability to plan an entire day of brewery trips. It should come as no surprise that the app was created by a former developer from Expedia, a travel agent and a graphic designer… all with a passion for suds, obviously. iTunes


If you’re fortunate enough to live in one of the ZIP codes that sites like EveryBlock service, you’ll understand the importance of staying connected with your neighbors. Tack is an app that’s purpose built to allow you to interact with locals in an attempt to tap into the pulse of your surroundings. Using Tack you can help look for lost animals, find the local hotspots, report shenanigans or just get tapped into what the local community thinks. iTunes Android


Saving money for the important things–whether that’s a hiking trip or paying off your student loans–isn’t something we’re all capable of doing without a little bit of help. Luckily there’s Qapital, the app designed to set you up with personal or shared goals, rules and FDIC-insured deposits to help you reach your savings goals while simultaneously curbing your guilty pleasure spending habits. iTunes Android


We know most of you are beer drinks. Hell, we are too, but there are situations that call for a bottle of vino. Wine Spectator’s latest app, Xvalues, will help all of us clueless wine novices looking to expand our palettes with value-based recommendations (read: $40 or under) on reds, whites and sparklers divided into four categories. iTunes


Mylo is an app that wants to deliver “menswear made simple” using a collection of your own clothing and accessories, geolocation data and effortless style advice. Essentially, it’s a database of looks created from items you already have in your closet–or items you should add to your closet–that will give you some assistance about what’s appropriate to wear given the current weather conditions, occasion requirements and your body type. It’s personal shopper, valet and style coach all rolled into one easy-to-use app. iTunes

Serato Pyro

Pyro, launched by professional DJ software company Serato, is an app that really, truly wants to make keeping the party going as easy as possible. Select some tracks you love from the personal music library on your phone or your collection of Spotify jams and Pyro will keep the music playing seamlessly with perfect fades and song selections based on what you already love. iTunes