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8 New Apps You Should Know

8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.

Funny or Die Weather

Like many of the other weather apps, Funny or Die Weather uses Weather Underground data to give you current conditions (temperature, wind, humidity, sunrise/sunset, tides, etc.) and five day forecasts in an easy to use app. FoD Weather also includes hilarious facts of the day and daily reminders. “Never let a snowfalke melt on your tongue. You’re giving them exactly what they want.” “The humidity of water is extremely high.” It’s not an episode of Between Two Ferns, but it’s a good laugh every morning. iOS

Microsoft Outlook

At some point, you’ve used Microsoft’s desktop e-mail client Outlook. The most used corporate mail app in the world finally made the jump to mobile thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Acompli. The new Outlook app gives you everything you’re used to in a mail app these days like priority messages and swipe controls, but it also integrates your calendar to prevent app switching, swipe scheduling and an attachment viewer that supports all the popular cloud storage options. iOS Android

Reuk Manual Camera App

You know that photography folder you have on your iPhone because the stock Camera app doesn’t do everything it could? If you’re into manual photography, you’re going to add Reuk to that folder. Reuk lets you take manual control over shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus using quick, simple sliders and a user interface with almost no learning curve. It’s perfect for all those times you don’t want to carry around your DSLR. iOS


Timeline is the visually gorgeous equivalent of falling down the Wikipedia rabbit hole in a more digestible form. The topics range from ISIS to “Selfies” to Bob Dylan’s music, and they’re delivered in chronological timelines with images and videos that allow you to follow the story from start to finish. There are even additional reading links at the end in case you’re particularly interested in a topic.


Researching airfare is a giant pain in the ass. Somewhere between your travel site of choice opening fifteen popup windows, and having to constantly start a new private browsing session, you throw your hands in the air and just decide to do it later. Once you input your desired departure airport and destination, Hopper analyzes flight prices to help you pick the best dates, airports and flights to help you save money and time. iOS


Throwout everything you know, maybe even hate, about the old Snapchat because the new version is all about Discover. Hit the purple dot in the top right of the Stories section to get access to editorial content from CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN, Vice, Food Network and a bunch of other respected media outlets. Content runs the gamut from exclusive music releases and videos to recipes and entertaining stories, and everything resets every 24 hours.
iOS Android

White Album

There are plenty of ways to bridge the gap between film and phone photography, but none is authentic as White Album. Take 24 photos using the White Album app, and then wait for the printed shots to show up at your door in the reusable White Album. You’re essentially using your iPhone as a one-time-use camera that doesn’t require carrying extra gear or visiting a film lab. iOS


Google Maps will get you everywhere you need to be, but HERE can do it all offline and in advance. You can plan an entire international trip and not get lost without ever having to get an international SIM card. That might be enough reason to consider ditching the iPhone if you’re traveling. Android