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10 New Apps You Should Know

10 New Apps You Should Know


Since new apps get released at an incredible rate, we figured it only fair to keep you abreast of the best. Stop sifting through all the terrible games and little life helpers to find some gems and break out your iPhone or Android device and get to downloading some of these guys.

1. Mount Everest 3D

Ever want to explore Mount Everest without all that exhausting hiking? Mount Everest 3D is the closest you’ll ever come to making the trek, and you can do it from the comfort of your living room. Based on hi-res images, the app lets you explore the world’s highest mountain in amazing clarity. (iOS) (Android)

2. Love Spark

Think you’re God’s gift to women? Well, you still probably have a thing or two to learn. With Love Spark (don’t let the name dissuade you) you’re game between the sheets will get amped up. Get new kama sutra moves to try and creative places to do them.  Earning achievements and keeping track of what you like is a tad strange, but you can’t knock the results. (iOS) (Android)

3. Beerometer

Ever come home with a warm six-pack and then have to keep checking to see if they are cold enough to consume? With the Beerometer app, you can relax in front of the TV and get an alert when your beer is ready. It saves us about 20 trips to the fridge a night. (iOS)

4. Bondsy

You probably acquire most of your gear by shelling out cash. Sucker. With Bondsy you can start trading and saving some green. Since the app allows you to trade with friends only, it takes the fear out of making a deal. Not only can you trade physical goods, but Bondsy also allows you to offer and acquire favors and other things you can’t really put a price on. (iOS)

5. Pizza Compass

Of all the difficulties in life, finding some good pizza nearby might just be the toughest. Exaggeration? Perhaps, but it’s up there. With Pizza Compass, and its Pizza-to-Mouth Indicator, the problem is no more. (iOS)

6. Showyou

Though it’s been available for the iPhone for some time, Showyou finally arrived in the Google Play store recently. The app is perfect for discovering viral videos from all over the web. From stuff your friends have shared to recommendations, Showyou is a simple one-stop shop, so to speak, for your video needs. (iOS) (Android)

7. 1AM Mobile

If you prefer street art to framed offerings tucked in stuffy museums, 1AM Mobile is worth a download. The community driven app lets you share and search random pieces of street art. Check out the highest rated pieces, what’s nearby, or add the work you stumble upon. (iOS)

8. Dots

Following in the path of Angry Birds and Words With Friends, Dots looks to be the next huge iPhone/iPad game. It’s simple (just connect the dots) and, for some reason, visually pleasing and addictive. (iOS)

9. Wake Alarm

Trying to mess with an alarm clock full of buttons or an app with too many features when you want to snooze is a pain. Wake Alarm is a simple and beautiful iPhone app that is unlike others. Slap your phone to snooze, flip it over to turn off the alarm, and shake it when you’re waking up. Forget trying to find a button on your screen while in your slumber and use Wake Alarm. (iOS)

10. Festival Ready

Just like your Swiss Army knife is your outdoor essential, Festival Ready (from Victorinox) is your new summer festival staple. It’s loaded with helpful features that will help you survive your next booze-filled concert. Everything from live weather updates to 3D navigation and even a torch is included. Now you can actually find the place you set up shop despite those $12 beers. (iOS)