The last thing you need to think about on a hot summer morning before work is, “Will I sweat my ass off in this?” Regardless of your office’s suggested attire, you always want to feel put together, ready for anything and comfortable on the job. Here are a few key favorites for keeping cool and looking cool at work this summer:


Belmont Glasses

Switching up your eyewear is an effective and simple way to add some life to your look at the turn of any season. The Belmont style is ultra-refined, professional but still extremely current.


Esprit Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt

Instead of always going for one of your less-than-breathable long sleeve work shirts to wear to the office, consider stocking up on lightweight short sleeve button-downs. They’re easier to layer with a great pair of chinos, tie and a blazer to finish your look off right without making you feel suffocated.



Want to look good at the office this summer? You’re at a severe disadvantage if you pull a suit from the rack. For something that fits like a dream, turn to INDOCHINO. INDOCHINO uses 14 of your exact measurements to create a suit or shirt that is tailored for your body. You’ll notice the difference the second you put it on. And unlike other bespoke suits, the ones from INDOCHINO are actually affordable, as they’ll make you a custom suit for under $400. You can even choose from an incredible selection of fabrics and customization options, and INDOCHINO offers free global shipping on orders over $150.


Mission Belt Swat Black

By blending classic looks with modern style, the Swat Black from Mission Belt is set to become the belt that ties any work outfit together. Designed with Mission Belt’s perfect fit system, the Swat Black adjusts every ¼”, unlike traditional belts that have holes every 1”. That means you’re set regardless of any weight fluctuations we all experience throughout the day and you’ll have a belt that looks damn good with a suit or something more casual. Besides making you look good, Mission Belt wants to make you feel good. That’s why a dollar from every Mission Belt sold goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending. It’s a no-brainer for the office this summer.


Nordstrom Flat Front Linen Trousers

Think of these trousers as your go-to work wardrobe staple for summer. They’re linen, which makes them easy breezy, but there’s still some structure so they aren’t too beachy for the office. The natural hue makes them a cinch to pair with any shirt color or pattern and so many different shoe styles.


Carhartt Sid Pant

When your office frowns upon shorts (even fancy shorts!) during the work day and casual Friday feels miles away, you can rely on some lightweight cotton twill chinos. Carhartt does a five-star job with their Sid pants, featuring a slightly tapered leg, low waist and the overall high quality that the iconic workwear brand is known for.


J.Crew English Linen Tie

Adding in a few fresh ties to your wardrobe rotation this summer is never a bad idea. Switching up from your usual go-tos instantly makes everything look a bit more elevated, even if you keep your shirt and pant game the same. This English Linen-Cotton tie from J.Crew is not only work friendly, it’s also a great choice for any weekend events or date nights.


Gap Classic Stretch Blazer

Blazers are always a no-brainer in the work apparel category. However, the issue with this is the steamy July and August months, the months you’d really rather not add something on top of your work shirt. You still have to do what you have to do and this classic lightweight stretch blazer by Gap is a top choice that will seamlessly transition into autumn.


Breda Phase Watch

If you’re starting a new job this summer, got a promotion or want to treat yourself to a gift for hanging in there at your current gig, a watch is always a perfect notion. The sleek and clean Phase Watch from Breda is elegant with its gold and black color combination and pairs well with any type of look—casual or formal.


ASOS Derby Shoes

Designed in London and crafted with perforated suede, the ASOS Derby Shoes in navy blue are the perfect shoes for capturing that effortless desk to date night summer sartorial vibe we all love and want.


Uniqlo Checked Short Sleeve Shirt

What the hell is summer without a little gingham thrown in here and there? Not only does this linen cotton check shirt from Uniqlo go easy on the wallet, it’s also incredibly easy to wear to work as well as any upcoming seasonal cocktail parties, BBQs, date nights or weekend hangs.

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