Whether you’re looking for a specific piece like a belt, jacket, chinos or a pair of sneakers, or you’re looking for a complete wardrobe overhaul, today is the day to shop because Nordstrom just kicked off their Anniversary Sale. Good Man Brand sneakers. Bonobos chinos. AG jeans. Patagonia jackets. Nordstrom Men’s Shop everything. Cole Haan shoes. Nike and adidas sneakers. Kiehl’s grooming products. Le Labo cologne. 1901 loafers. If you can regularly find it at Nordy, it’s probably on sale. You don’t need a coupon code. You don’t need a Nordstrom card anymore. There are thousands of different items on sale in almost all of their categories, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Even though the sale goes until August 4, don’t wait to pick up the items you want because if this like every other big Nordstrom Sale, sizes, styles and quantities are going to go quick. Get started filling your cart with the Shop This Steal button below.


We’ve long been obsessed with Things Organized Neatly, the Tumblr, Instagram account, and book that displays collections of items arranged in pleasing ways. It’s the reason we’re hard at work on this puzzle. When finished, the puzzle depicts a collection of retro video games and gaming systems aligned ever so perfectly. Each is made in the USA by the New York Puzzle Company and features original photography from artist Jim Golden. At 1000 pieces, it will put you to work for some time, but when you complete it you can use some puzzle glue and frame it on your wall. Out of chaos comes order, right?