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Samsung has officially unveiled its Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro. The latest smartwatches from Samsung offer consumers a clear alternative to the Apple Watch. Combining style and a more traditional watch shape, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 sports a titanium body and is available in 40mm and 44mm case sizes. (The Watch5 Pro is only available in 45mm.) Some upgraded features include body temperature measurements, blood pressure tracking, fitness tracking, and a GPS. It also boasts a longer battery life and a 1.4-inch sapphire crystal always-on display. Additionally, both watches offer Advanced Sleep Coaching, Auto Workout Tracking, and Route Additions.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is available in blue, silver, gray, or gold caseback options with several strap colors to choose from. The Watch5 Pro is available in either Black Titanium or Gray Titanium. The Samsung Galaxy smartwatches are available for pre-order now starting at $280 with an expected ship date of August 26th.

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