We’re not going to say that “Dad Style” is an oxymoronic phrase because a certain previous president led to quite a few hits in the jeans and sneakers departments. But if your dad is anything like ours, he has at least a few outdated pieces that are in need of an upgrade. He spent his days making sure you were in stylish threads during your formative years, and now it’s time to return the favor. This Father’s Day, pick up dad something from the Style Gift Guide that he wouldn’t otherwise buy for himself. He deserves it. You owe it to him.


Everlane Tread - The Trainer

We’re not quite sure that Everlane set out to create the perfect “Dad Shoe” when they made the Tread Trainer, but that’s what happened. It’s chunky yet stylish. Solidly constructed while still being comfortable. Designed to be worn everyday and actually made to last. Dad will love these sneakers.


Hanks Kerchiefs

From what feels like the time we were old enough to dress ourselves, dad always taught us that all men carry a handkerchief. Whether you’re patting a brow, drying an eye or cleaning up a spill, they always come in handy. Hanks ready-makes some of the best kerchiefs out there in a whole slew of colors, patterns and styles, so you’ll find at least one perfect option for dad to pay back the lifetime of wisdom he passed down to you.


TravisMathew Beck Shorts

[Partner] Whether it’s the beach, the golf course, or happy hour, TravisMathew’s Beck shorts are a must have style for both work and play. Available in several sophisticated colors, these shorts feature TravisMathew’s lifestyle performance fabrication which creates a subtle stretch and modern fit that is perfect for daily wear. It’s the warm weather style upgrade dad will appreciate for years to come.


Incase City Backpack

[Partner] Protect, organize and carry your MacBook and other daily essentials with the slim, spacious and streamlined City Backpack from Incase. Designed with soft design lines and a slim profile, the City Backpack delivers a comfortable experience while maintaining the essential storage space every commuter needs. Includes two primary storage areas with purposeful pockets, a faux-fur lined laptop compartment to store up to a 15” MacBook Pro, quick-access exterior pockets and air-mesh padded shoulder straps. Available in multiple colors.


Birdwell Britches Boardshorts

Birdwell Britches has been doing their thing transforming the world of stylish surf wear since the early 1960s. Their boardshorts are made with the same build quality, style and attention to detail the brand is renowned for, which means they’re the perfect candidate to be a style upgrade for the man that otherwise has everything.


Puebco Slippers

Your dad has the right to kick off shoes after a hard day’s work and relax, but that doesn’t mean he needs to rely on calf-length sub socks or run-of-the-mill plaid slippers from Christmas. He needs a pair of traditional house shoes, which is where these Puebco Slippers come in. The perfect blend of American functionality and Japanese style, these are no-nonsense, well-built and stylish around-the-house shoes that are so comfortable he’ll never want to take them off.


Q Timex Reissue Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

When it comes to watch brands, there are but a handful as stalwart as Timex. This watch might not bear the same name as the Pepsi bezel watch you’re most familiar with, but it does come with a similarly styled bezel and metal bracelet, along with a day and date windows and five decades of history. Equally as important, the price tag on this iconic Timex watch is around 2% as much as you’d pay for the other option, which means dad won’t kill you if he ever finds out how much you spent.


J.Crew Always Baseball Cap

Whether it was catch in the backyard, a forceful push into T-Ball or just taking you to games, your dad is most likely the one responsible for your love of baseball and with it, the love of the classic ball cap. J.Crew’s Always Baseball Cap eschews team logos and colors in favor of simple colors and garment-dyed construction that make it look good regardless of what he decides to wear it with.


Norton Point Sunglasses

On the surface, Norton Point Sunglasses are a modern take on a pair of retro style horn-rimmed sunglasses. That alone is reason enough to buy a pair for dad, but these are so much more. Produced in collaboration with Oceanworks, these polarized lens glasses have frames made from plastics recovered from the ocean. Do good. Look better. That’s right up dad’s alley.


William Murray Golf Polo

Bill Murray is, well, Bill freakin’ Murray. He’s also a helluva golfer. He teamed up with his brothers to create William Murray Golf, a clothing line that’s irreverent as the icon himself. Everyone of their polos is a better fitting version of the classic dad favorite that’s emblazoned with patterns and pictures from Murray’s films, which adds just the right amount of fun for any dad.


Orlebar Brown Cork Flip Flops

If your dad is anything like ours he’s probably not in sandals all that often, but when he is, well, it’s not pretty. Do him a favor. Throw out the shower slippers and upgrade him to Orlebar Brown Haston Cork Flip Flops. They’re as comfortable as they are stylish, and the cork adds a whole new dimension.


Save Khaki Haven Pant

Dad will appreciate the comfortable, relaxed and still streamlined look and feel of these 100% cotton house pants with a poplin yarn dye stripe. You’ll appreciate never having to see him in tighty whiteys ever again. It’s a win-win.


Cause & Effect Belt

Billy Moore, the man behind Cause & Effect, is a true artisan that hand-makes goods and gear with a story. The belt you see here is the perfect example of his unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Whether it’s the not-quite-straight, hand-hammered buckle, uneven distressing or tool marks, nothing about these belts is exact, which is precisely why they’re so damn awesome.


Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers

Ah, the Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers. You know them. You love them. You and the old man have both probably owned a few pairs over the years. Wayfarers are timeless, classic, elegant and effortlessly cool. Treat your dad to a fresh pair because he wants them but probably won’t buy them for himself.

0110 MM Cool Material In-Feed Takeover 1000×600

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